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Above and beyond

The service driver was very helpful with my battery issue and went out of his way to explain that I would likely need to replace the battery soon (since the average battery lasts about 5 years). He noticed some corrosion build-up on the battery and sprayed it to clear it off, then advised that I sho... Read more

Friendly and courteous

[The driver] did a great job from start to finish. He did a great job carefully listening to the issues I was having before making his assessment. He was friendly and courteous and exhibited the calm confidence of a true professional. He had the vehicle hooked up in the blink of an eye and gave me ... Read more

Worry-free service

My husband and I are long-term BCAA members and appreciate the worry-free service in the lower mainland and other areas of B.C. We drive older but well maintained cars and BCAA allows us the feel confident in driving in B.C. Neither my husband nor I are knowledgeable or handy with car problems or m... Read more

Fast, friendly service

Fast, friendly service! Very helpful and convenient for me to get my car towed. My little boy enjoyed watching the tow truck too! It made his day! BCAA Member for 3 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can provide. Read more

Back on the road in 15 minutes!

Super nice, always made sure that everyone in the vehicle was in the safest position he could put us in. Very clear in what he wanted from us, and was fast and efficient, getting us back on the road within fifteen minutes of his arrival. BCAA Member for 1 year Learn more about all of the b... Read more

Positive first roadside experience

Tow truck driver arrived before estimated time and was friendly and professional. He put me at ease immediately. This was my first experience requiring roadside assistance and it was completely positive. BCAA Member for 3 year Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can pro... Read more

Friendly and businesslike

The driver was fantastic. I appreciated that he recognized immediately that my car was not serviceable and didn't waste time at the scene. He was friendly, businesslike and easy to talk to. I appreciated him giving me a lift to the service station and how clean his vehicle was. BCAA Member for 24 y... Read more

Wonderful service

My initial call was answered promptly. I appreciated being informed that the timing for the service would be approximately a half hour and then was very pleased to receive a call saying that the service driver would be arriving in 15 minutes…Wonderful service. BCAA Member for 1 year Learn mor... Read more

BCAA’s number one advocate

While waiting for the truck to come I actually told the few passersby that asked me if I needed help that I was fine and that BCAA was on the way and that I was grateful that I had the protection and that this was why I had a membership. One woman asked me how much I paid, and wanted a few details a... Read more

Completely satisfied

Thank goodness, I don't have to use BCAA very often, but each time I am completely satisfied, and I highly recommend BCAA as the number 1 organization for roadside assistance. I would not want to be without our membership. In my books BCAA is a reliable organization that realizes that happy customer... Read more


The BCAA rep that helped me change my tire so that I could get to the tire shop, worked efficiently and quickly, and was very professional in his approach to the task at hand. I felt lucky to have his first-class help. BCAA Member for 3 months Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membe... Read more

Pleasant and helpful

The person who answered was very pleasant and helpful. I needed a replacement battery and had to wait only a short time before your agent arrived. He was also very helpful and soon had the new battery installed. Fortunately, I have not needed roadside assistance for a long time but have always had... Read more


I wish there was a way to thank John for the great work he did for BCAA. Not only did he know just how to take care of my lowered BMW, and the right way to load it, so that it would not get damaged, he further took the time to ensure the job was done correctly. He even thought ahead to how to off lo... Read more

Exceptional service

Unfortunately I didn't get his name. His service was exceptional. Although it was just a simple tow, I was very impressed with his quick assessment of what needed to be done when he arrived. He was professional in explaining possible options (trying to jump start, etc.) to a “non-mechanical&rd... Read more

Faulty gas gauge

My vehicle quit on the way down the hill and I couldn't get it started. When he came he was able to start it right away. He suggested it could be my gas gauge that wasn't reading properly. He suggested that I should fill up the car and see how it reacted. I was concerned about being late for work to... Read more

Heartened by the concern and professionalism

I was more than pleased with both the telephone representative and the tow-truck driver! Both were courteous, caring and competent! I have always been pleased with BCAA in all the dealings I have had. In this instance BCAA and its employees and representatives have raised the bar to an even higher l... Read more

Thankful to have my membership

Very thankful to have my membership. It was pouring rain and I had locked my keys in the car when I arrived at an event far from my home. I was able to relax knowing that I would receive a call when the truck arrived and did not have to stand in the rain waiting for it. Everyone was courteous and he... Read more

Excellent service experience

Driver was very friendly. Provided an excellent service experience. Was very neat and tidy in appearance (good looking too). Obviously enjoys his job. Very good customer service skills. Overall satisfaction was excellent. Have had BCAA for numerous years and have used it both in BC and Washington S... Read more

Battery diagnostic

I was VERY satisfied with the driver sent to help me. Not only did he get my classic car started (dead battery) but he pointed out that the battery, despite a recent charge, was only putting out 12.4 amps and it needed 12.8 amps to crank the engine. He also volunteered to do a diagnostic test, to ma... Read more

Motorcycle customer service

My rep was named David, and his first question after hearing my issue was motorcycle related was "Are you ok?" It was such a genuine question out of real concern for my safety, that I felt totally cared for and trusted David with my wellbeing and knew I would be ok. My driver was John, and John too... Read more

Battery diagnostic

My call was answered immediately, and I was asked what is the particular help that I need, and in about 20- 25 mins. There’s the help, by an expert mechanic, who is very friendly and very knowledgeable and my problem's gone in just 5 or less than 10 mins. What is more interesting is he is tell... Read more

Service a Smart Car

I was enormously impressed by the ability of the driver to assess and respond to the problem. I thought no-one would be able to service a Smart Car and he knew exactly what he was doing. He followed me to the dealership to ensure all was well. I was in a bit of a flap and I can't tell you how reassu... Read more

Reassuring and courteous

The BCAA service driver was very reassuring and courteous. He diagnosed the problem right away and dealt with it with his knowledge and expertise very efficiently. He is a very commendable representative of the BCAA. BCAA Member for 32 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Me... Read more

Great service

The driver I had was fabulous and went totally out of his way to help me. I thought that I needed a tow as it was thought I needed a new alternator but he checked it and told me it was not the alternator. He jump started my van and then followed me to the garage to make sure I made it there ok. Grea... Read more

Considerate about animals

I found BCAA to be very responsible when the representative initially asked "are there kids or animals in the car?” Obviously I appreciate that he asked about kids being in the car (my keys were locked inside) but I particularly appreciated being asked if there was an animal(s) inside the car.... Read more

Very pleased and happy

Very pleased and happy that someone had the good sense to send both wreckers our way. We were quite a ways out of town and broken down. If only one wrecker had been sent instead of two, it would have been a much longer and more frustrating ordeal. We had no cell service where we were, therefore no c... Read more

A flat tire on our 11-year Anniversary

I believe the driver’s name was John. He was very patient with us considering we had our 4-year-old nephew who kept following him back and forth from his truck to our vehicle. He didn’t have to but he kept entertaining my nephew. John was able to help us with our problem in a very profes... Read more


The driver was wonderful - couldn't have been better. He was respectful and friendly. He was especially helpful in giving me information about my flat tire and went out of his way to switch the small spare tire to the rear tire (instead of the front) for safety reasons. This was extra work that he d... Read more


He knew the area and knew exactly where to go. I had the same driver each time for the same problem. Considering it was pouring down rain both times, he was great. He made sure I could get the car running after he boosted it. Really friendly as everyone with Ben's towing is. I think his name was Llo... Read more

Glad to be a Member

I am so glad that I am a member! The day I locked my keys in the car was a rough morning for me.The driver was so friendly and nice to me even though I was stressed out. He even made me laugh and which made me feel less stupid for locking myself out of my car. BCAA Member for 10 months Read more
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