2013 BCAA "Worst Roads" campaign

What is a 'worst road'?

A 'worst road' is any road or paved infrastructure—including bridges and tunnels—which:

  • is poorly designed or maintained for pedestrian/cycling safety
  • has poor road signs or road markings
  • has damaging potholes or crumbling pavement
  • has poorly timed traffic lights
  • is poorly designed and contribute to traffic congestion

Thank you for adding your voice and participating in BCAA’s "Worst Roads" survey. The Top 10 "Worst Roads" list is now available.

Road safety for British Columbians is a top priority for BCAA. We recognize that a great deal of roadwork and improvements continue throughout the province but, there is still more work to be done. Complete survey results will be shared with the appropriate government body to encourage improvements.

2013 Top 10 'Worst Roads'

Rank Road Nearest community Main problem cited (%)
1 Westside Road West Kelowna Potholes/crumbling pavement (89%)
2 BC Parkway (Bike path) Vancouver Pedestrian/cycling safety (85%)
3 George Massey Tunnel Richmond Traffic congestion (90%)
4 Pacific Rim Highway Port Alberni Potholes/crumbling pavement (100%)
5 Vernon Slocan Highway Cherryville Potholes/crumbling pavement (96%)
6 Island Highway Malahat Traffic congestion (90%)
7 Indian River Drive North Vancouver Potholes/crumbling pavement (98%)
8 Sea-to-Sky Highway Pemberton Potholes/crumbling pavement (72%)
9 Harris Road Saturna Island Potholes/crumbling pavement (94%)
10 Todd Road Kamloops Pedestrian/cycling safety (82%)
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