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At BCAA, we’re here to help with all your car insurance needs and want to ensure you are informed of ICBC’s upcoming car insurance changes which will affect all ICBC policy holders.

Starting May 2021, ICBC is moving to a “care-based” insurance system and introducing Enhanced Care coverage as part of your mandatory basic insurance. Enhanced Care coverage will help drivers save money and give British Columbians access to enhanced care and recovery benefits if they’re hurt in a crash, regardless of who was responsible.

More affordable insurance rates

If you’re hurt in a crash, instead of taking legal action against the at-fault driver to cover damages, you will have coverage under your own ICBC policy. By removing the need to take legal action, those savings will be passed on to you, helping to lower your car insurance premiums.

More care and coverage after a crash

Under Enhanced Care coverage, your maximum care and recovery allowance will increase from $300,000 to at least $7.5 million. All British Columbians will have access to the same coverage, regardless of who was responsible for the crash.

ICBC is also introducing new Basic Vehicle Damage coverage to cover repairs if your vehicle is damaged in a crash. Instead of going through the at-fault driver’s third-party liability, this coverage will automatically be included in your own basic car insurance policy.

What can drivers expect?

From now until April 2021

Customers will continue to renew their ICBC insurance as they do now, under the current system.

From May 1, 2021

On May 1, 2021, all British Columbians will automatically move to Enhanced Care coverage.

Pro-rated refunds

Most customers will receive a pro-rated refund on the portion of their existing insurance policy beyond May 1, 2021. For example, if on May 1, 2021 you have three months left on your current insurance policy, you will receive a refund on the difference between the old rate and the new, lower rate of Enhanced Care coverage, for those three months.

Full savings on your next annual policy

When you renew your Enhanced Care coverage policy after May 1, 2021, you will see the full benefit of the savings – an average of $400 or approximately 20% compared to the previous year.

How BCAA is here to support you

BCAA’s local car insurance experts are here to help with all your car insurance needs, including questions about ICBC’s new Enhanced Care coverage. The best way to reach us is by phone at 1.888.268.2222. If you prefer to visit us in-person, our Service Locations are open for pre-booked appointments.

BCAA Optional Car Insurance

We are making some exciting changes to improve the value of BCAA Optional Car Insurance. More information coming soon.

More Information

For complete information about ICBC’s upcoming changes visit or check out our FAQs below.


Yes. ICBC will still determine who was responsible for the crash. Drivers who cause the crash will pay higher premiums. If you didn’t cause the crash, your premiums won’t be impacted. The most dangerous drivers will still be held accountable and could be sued for compensation if convicted of certain Criminal Code offences (such as impaired driving).

If you’re in a crash and not at fault

Instead of recovering the cost of your vehicle repairs from the insurance policy of the driver responsible for the crash, your own insurance will cover you. Just like today, the claim will not impact your insurance premiums as you did not cause the crash.

If you are at fault in a crash

Like today, if you cause a crash, your optional collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your vehicle. However, as the driver responsible for the crash, your future insurance premiums could be impacted. If you don’t have collision coverage from either ICBC or another provider like BCAA, you will be responsible for the repairs.

If your vehicle is damaged in a hit and run

If you buy collision coverage today – as 80 per cent of personal insurance customers do – then nothing changes for you. Hit and run vehicle damage claims will continue to be covered as they are today. If you don’t currently have collision coverage, ICBC will offer a new, affordable standalone optional insurance coverage to cover vehicle damage hit and run incidents, when this change takes effect in May 2021.

Your savings will be determined by a variety of factors such as:

  • Whether you purchase full basic and optional, or basic insurance only
  • Your years of driving experience, and that of your listed drivers
  • Your crash history
  • Where you live
  • The type of vehicle you drive