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Mobile Tire & Wheel Swap Service

Changing your seasonal wheels has never been more convenient with the Mobile Tire & Wheel Swap Service from BCAA Auto Service available in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam. Exclusively available to BCAA Members, we’ll come to your location at the date and time you select, swap over your wheels with your on-rim winter or summer tires, and you won’t even use one of your BCAA Membership annual roadside calls! No more lugging your wheels around or trying to fit into a busy shop’s schedule. It’s really that easy!
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We Come to You

No more line-ups. Choose the time and place for our BCAA Auto Service Technicians to swap your seasonal wheels from the convenience of your home!

Qualified Technicians
Trusted Auto Experts

BCAA Auto Service Technicians are professionally trained and equipped. Get trusted expert advice from the team that’s part of Canada’s #1 Most Trusted Brand**.

Exclusive Partner Savings
Member Exclusive Service

Seasonal wheels swap over service is available exclusively to BCAA Members in select regions for just $90 plus tax /service.

Service in 3 Easy Steps


Book your appointment through the booking tool at the top of the page and choose your desired date/time. We’ll send you a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment.


A BCAA Auto Service Technician will arrive to your selected location and change over your on-rim tires within the hour.


You pay at the end of your appointment, only after the service is complete.


What to Know Before Booking an Appointment

  1. This service can only be performed on passenger vehicles with a maximum weight of 6,000GVW. For example, a Ford F150 pick up truck. Any excess weight must be removed from the vehicle prior to service.
  2. Your vehicle must be parked on either your own property or a space you have permission to use.
  3. The space must be a clean & flat surface, either on pavement or cement.
  4. There must be a minimum of 5 feet of space around the vehicle or the width of your vehicle & 1 foot of clearance above the vehicle for the work to be completed.
  5. Make sure your tires are mounted on rims, they hold air and have a minimum of 3.5mm of tread and that you provide your lug nut key (if one is required to remove your tires).
  6. Example of tires mounted on rims vs. tires not mounted on rims. Tires that are not on rims will not be eligible for service.
  7. Make sure your tires are easily accessible and near the vehicle. BCAA Auto Service Technicians cannot retrieve tires from storage and this service does not include any tire storage. 

Please Keep in Mind

  1. We always try to be on time, but if for some reason the BCAA Auto Service Technician is late, they will call you to keep you informed.
  2. Our BCAA Fleet Technician will torque your vehicle’s wheels to the manufacturer’s recommended specification at the time of your service. After your service, you will be required to retorque your wheels within the first 50km of driving at your preferred local garage or dealership.
  3. Payment is due at the end of your appointment. Paperless payments are preferred, so please consider paying by debit or credit card.     
  4. If the BCAA Auto Service Technician arrives and the area does not meet one of our service requirements as seen above, they will advise you and cancel the appointment.

Mobile Tire & Wheel Swap Service Area

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*This service is exclusive to BCAA Members. Appointment times may vary based on driver availability, the BCAA Auto Service Technician will be in contact the day of the appointment prior to their arrival. The minimum tire tread depth required to receive service is 3.5mm as recommended by the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure. Drivers have a right to refuse service if there are any conditions present that make it unsafe or tires do not meet the legal requirements.