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Save Money and Feel Better About Motoring

Don’t like spending money on fixing your car? Feel like you’re refueling too often? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? A Hybrid car could be the answer to your next vehicle search.

As mentioned in another article, what you drive says a lot about you. If you subscribe to this theory, you could be very interested in Hybrid vehicles as an alternative to conventional cars. There’s the obvious fuel savings, but it’s the environmental impact that is most significant. A hybrid car will shut off the gas engine and rely mostly on the electric motor in slower, stop-and-go traffic conditions helping you save fuel, reduce exhaust emissions and have a quiet, comfortable driving experience.
Beyond that, Hybrid vehicles are very efficient at capturing and recycling energy to help it run smoothly. Take the Toyota Prius C as an example; it has no alternator and uses electricity to power the water pump, power steering and air conditioning.
Now, the initial cost of a Hybrid can be higher but when it comes to repairs, hybrids have similar schedules to regular cars for routine tire, oil and air filter changes. However, you’ll visit the shop far less for engine maintenance since their electric technology reduces some of the burden. A hybrid car can be serviced and repaired at any regular shop and its components are also normally covered by a long-life manufacturer warranty.
Finally, popular hybrids hold their resale value fairly well. Many of them are in demand and likely to sell faster than conventional cars, especially when gas prices are high.