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No Vin, No Problem

When Todd and Randolph began their daunting task to restore a 1940 Nash in very bad shape, it was in a 'salvaged' status and their only proof of ownership was a handwritten receipt. Searching the system showed ICBC had no record of this car at all.

Enter BCAA team member, Ryan. With his years of experience and "can do" attitude, Ryan navigated Todd and Randolph through a complex journey that would require lots of paperwork, vehicle status changes and one-of-a-kind insurance coverage.

“We had to create ownership papers from scratch for their 1940 Nash. That’s not easy, but it’s a lot easier than the restoration they planned.”

Fast forward 3 years, the vehicle was restored, proper insurance in place and they were ready to move on. To thank Ryan for the help, they brought their prized possession to BCAA and took him for a ride in their pride and joy. Not one detail was overlooked in the restoration and the rare 1940 Nash was resurrected to the glory and authenticity it once had 75 years ago. 

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