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Roadside Cat Rescue

One of our Members was on her way back from the vet with her somewhat oversized, fluffy white cat in her cat carrier. It seems the carrier couldn’t handle the weight and broke as she got the cat back in the car. She tried to fix the carrier, but couldn’t. When she looked back in the car, the cat was gone. It had sought safety under the driver’s seat and nothing she could do would convince the cat to come out again.

“I thought the call was about a catalytic converter that was stuck, but it was a real cat.”

That’s where BCAA came into the picture. She gave us a call and one of our Roadside Service Technicians, Adriano, was on his way. He quickly realized the only way to get the cat out safely was to remove the seat, so that’s exactly what he did. The Member was very happy when reunited and for our Roadside Service Technicians, it was just another day at the office.

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