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BCAA Locations & our Call Centre will be closed Sat, Sep 30, reopening Mon, Oct 2. Please use to make a purchase, renew, or request roadside assistance.

Empowering British Columbians to Move Forward

As a Purpose-led organization, we're on a continuous journey. By this, we mean that our very act of doing business impacts not only BCAA's financial health, but our people, communities and the environment. Good business is when BCAA gives back more to British Columbia than we take. Being purpose-led isn’t always about grand gestures, it’s about the decisions we make, the ways we engage with others, and how we instill our beliefs into our operations. From the bigger initiatives to the smaller choices we make every day, BCAA exists to move British Columbians forward.

Measuring Our Success 

Our commitment to living our Purpose is measured through various targets we've set in the impact areas of:

Different people
Our People

How we support our team members, BCAA Members and communities.

BC Based
Our Planet

How we can protect our home and become more environmentally sustainable.

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Our Prosperity

How we provide value to our province through our products and services.

Our People

Team Members

Named one of BCs Top Employers for 5 years running, BCAA is committed to providing an outstanding employment experience that prioritizes health, safety and wellness. We embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, weaving it into the fabric of our organization, and through our culture, values and brand, which enables us to strengthen our foundation - Our People.

Learn more about BCAA’s commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Community Impact

One of the most impactful ways that BCAA brings our purpose to life is through our long history of giving back to British Columbia communities.

We invest over $1,000,000 each year to protect BC communities to help pave the way for a safer, resilient and more inclusive future for all British Columbians through the power of Membership. We achieve this through protecting British Columbians:

Safety crossing guard illustration
On the move
We protect British Columbians when they're on the move, investing in initiatives that keep safety top of mind.
Prepare emergency kit illustration
At home
We protect British Columbians at home, investing in disaster prevention and preparing for when the unthinkable strikes.
Connections illustration of older man with cane and young child walking together
In our communities
We protect British Columbian communities, helping those who need it most to feel safe, protected and connected.

Our Planet

We believe in protecting our home, and one of the ways we can do this is to reduce our impact on the environment, making our business more efficient and protecting life in BC now and into the future. We’re committed to being carbon neutral by 2030 and are taking action in three key areas.
increased assessment
Our Business Practices

Reducing paper consumption in our offices and moving towards paperless practices in our customer-facing communications and business transactions.

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Our Buildings

Maximizing energy efficiency in our owned buildings and implementing efficiency improvements.

BCAA tow truck icon
Our Fleet

Moving towards electrification of our Roadside Assistance and Evo fleets.

Our Prosperity 

BCAA’s financial health directly impacts the value we can bring to the world around us. Our longevity as an organization is the foundation of our success, which is supported by our financial strength.

Learn more about our products & services.