Anyone from B.C. who drives a vehicle needs insurance. BCAA steers you through the many coverage options to find the best plan for you.

RV insurance

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If you have a motor home, camper, or a vacation trailer, BCAA's RV insurance offers broad protection and flexibility.

Policy features

  • Coverage anywhere in Canada and continental U.S.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage on units that are ten years old or newer (in the event of a total loss and you've insured to 80% or more of its replacement value).
  • Emergency Vacation Expense Allowance: includes towing and storage to a maximum of $150 per day, and $1500 in total, so your vacation can continue uninterrupted.
  • Automatic coverage for a newly acquired RV: if you sell your current RV and buy a new one, your new RV is covered up to 30 days.
  • 24-hour emergency claims service.

Policy options available

  • Coverage for units that are permanently parked and used as seasonal residences in B.C.
  • Increased contents coverage to protect your belongings.
  • Coverage for permanent structures such as decks, sheds and fences if your unit is permanently parked and used as a seasonal residence in B.C.

Available discounts

  • BCAA Membership discount: save up to 10% just for being a BCAA Member.
  • Anti-Theft Device discount: save 5% if your motor home has a qualifying permanent anti-theft device installed.
  • Mature Citizens discount: save 10% if you are 54 years of age or older.
  • RV Star discount save 10% if the motor home, pick-up truck or principal towing vehicle is entitled to at least the ICBC 30% discount.
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