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Replacement Cost Coverage (Plus and Standard)

New vehicles can depreciate quickly and in the event of a total loss our Replacement Cost Coverage will ensure you receive a new vehicle, or the cash equivalent. More information on BCAA’s Replacement Cost Coverage and recent changes are outlined below.

  • BCAA’s best-in-class new vehicle protection
  • Protects against vehicle depreciation and inflation
  • If total loss – provides a brand new vehicle or cash equivalent
  • If partial loss – provides OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Now available for vehicles up to five model years old
  • If vehicle damage exceeds just 50% in the first three vehicle model years, we’ll replace it with a new vehicle
  • Deductible is waived for a total loss regardless of fault

A total loss occurs when damage exceeds the following:

Vehicles's Model Year

Replacement Cost Plus

Replacement Cost (Standard)

Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Vehicle Model Year

An example of a vehicle’s “model year” is shown in the following chart:


New "2018" Ford Escape


Model year 1


Model year 2


Model year 3


Model year 4


Model year 5

  • Available in vehicle model years 1-5
  • Available on leased vehicles and vehicles registered in the name of an individual or a company
  • Not available on rebuilt vehicles or vehicles that were previously rental vehicles
  • Coverage enhanced – availability was extended from three to five vehicle model years

Optional Coverages

We encourage you to consider what optional coverages may also be appropriate for your car. View additional coverage options here.

BCAA Optional Car Insurance is sold through BCAA Insurance Agency Ltd. and underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. The language in this document may not be the same as the actual policy wording, which will prevail in all instances and is available upon request. Certain exclusions, limitations and conditions may apply.