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New! Short Term Rental Coverage

BC is a beautiful area to live and vacation, Airbnb and other short term rentals sites for home sharing have grown in popularity among property owners as way to earn extra income. While most rentals are incident free, there is always increased risk when you let a stranger into your home. Consider whether your existing insurance policy covers your rental needs, most standard Home Insurance policies do not.

This Optional coverage from BCAA is right for you if you:

  • Rent out your home (or any portion of your home) on a short-term basis (could be one day, several weeks, any period up to 6 months) to different individuals, multiple times
  • Manage your rental space though a rental network (ie Airbnb, flipkey, VRBO, HomeAway)

You’re covered for:

  • Loss or damage to your building and personal property
  • Intentional acts, criminal acts, or failure to act by a guest
  • Loss or damage to a renter's property up to $1,500
  • Loss of rental income (fair rental value)
  • Liability arising out of the short-term rental

How much does it cost?

The impact to cost can significantly vary depending on the amount of time you plan to rent out your space and the number of units.

Some restrictions/exclusions may apply. Read full coverage wording here (link to