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Water Damage Coverage

Although your base home insurance policy provides some coverage against water damage, BCAA offers enhanced protection through optional extra coverages. More information on BCAA Water Damage Coverage is outlined below:

All BCAA Home Insurance policies provide protection for loss or damage resulting from events such as burst external water pipes or escape of water or steam from within a plumbing, heating, sprinkler or air conditioning system in your home.

You have the option to further protect yourself through Outdoor drain and surface water coverage (DrainGuard Rider). Most BCAA Homeowner customers add this coverage to their policy to protect themselves from damage caused by water entering their home from a backed up external drain.

This coverage was recently expanded to also include drains off of your property.

An example of how this coverage could benefit you is if there was a backup or blockage of a public storm drain or a communal drain in a strata building. If there is damage to your home from this drain getting backed up and water flooding into your home, you would have coverage through BCAA Home Insurance.

BCAA is pleased to offer enhanced protection with our NEW! Flood coverage (Flood Rider).

Available to most BCAA Home Insurance customers with Outdoor drain and surface water coverage (DrainGuard Rider), Flood coverage (Flood Rider) provides protection for damage to your home from the breaking out or overflow of fresh water, such as from a river or lake, or accumulation of surface water from rainfall or melting snow. Although almost everyone is eligible, there are some exceptions. Speak to your BCAA Insurance Advisor to determine your eligibility. Learn more about Flood coverage (Flood Rider), including coverage exclusions, by reviewing the policy wording booklet.

Extra roof leak coverage (RoofGuard Rider) is an optional extra coverage that can be added to your policy to protect you against damage caused by water that enters your home through an opening in the roof or around windows and skylights.

Coverage Examples
Base Policy
Base Policy + Outdoor drain and surface water coverage (DrainGuard Rider) Base Policy + Outdoor drain and surface water coverage (DrainGuard Rider) + Flood coverage (Flood Rider) Base Policy + Outdoor drain and surface water coverage (DrainGuard Rider) + Flood coverage (Flood Rider) + Extra roof leak coverage (RoofGuard Rider)

A toilet cracks and breaks resulting in damage to areas within the home

Dishwasher hose backs up resulting in water damage to flooring

External drain tiles get crushed over time and water backs up coming into the home


River floods and water enters in your home from below doors creating damage to flooring and drywall



Rain suddenly enters through the flashing on the roof resulting in water damage to your home




Learn more about how to protect your home from water damage.

If you have questions about your coverage changes or would like to make a change to your policy, please call or visit your local BCAA Service Location.

Insurance is sold through BCAA Insurance Agency and underwritten by BCAA Insurance Corporation. The language in this document may not be the same as the actual policy wording, which will prevail in all instances and is available upon request. Certain exclusions, limitations and conditions may apply.