Travel insurance tips

Travel insurance for the seasonal traveller

The season is turning, the sun is lower in the sky and leaves are showing their fall colours. It’s the time of year when people are finalizing their plans for lengthy trips to scenic U.S. destinations to escape the Canadian winter.

While considering destinations, accommodations, transportation and activities for long stays, travellers are no-doubt researching travel insurance too. The cost of medical care in the U.S. can be costly, and a single misadventure could spell the end of a much anticipated trip.

The Canadian government recommends that travellers purchase travel insurance when leaving the country. Medical care outside of Canada is extremely expensive and provincial health care may not cover all of your medical expenses incurred out of the province.

When researching travel insurance, there are three important things for people to consider:

What is your health status? Depending upon your age, some policies might require you to complete a health questionnaire. This needs to be answered accurately to ensure you have the correct coverage. If necessary, purchase pre-existing condition coverage so that you’re covered in the event you have a claim relating to a pre-existing condition.

What is your trip duration? For some, one lengthy trip of 30-90 days may be all that is planned. However, if you are planning multiple trips, it may be more economical to purchase an annual plan.

Do you require trip cancellation or interruption coverage? Of course, it is disappointing to have to cancel a trip for any reason, from a missed connection to an unexpected illness. Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance ensures that you won’t suffer the financial burdens typically associated with such events. But note that there is a difference between the two coverages: trip cancellation insures you if your travel plans are cancelled prior to departure, while trip interruption coverage insures you if your trip is disrupted after it has already begun.

To ensure you are fully informed to make the best decision regarding your travel insurance needs, visit a BCAA Service Centre and speak with an Insurance Specialist today. Make the most of your next trip with BCAA Travel Insurance.