Member Stories

Want to know what it's really like to be a BCAA Member? Here's what our Members have told us, in their own words.

Glad to have a BCAA Membership

Hi BCAA, I wanted to you give you guys a shout out at what an awesome job you guys do! I've been a long-time member and rarely use your service, but I've found out in the last 3 weeks I've had to use it twice: both in difficult situations. Boy was I glad it was there... The first incident occurre... Read more

US Road Trip

On a recent Vancouver - Phoenix return toad trip, two examples of excellent customer service. In Mesa AZ, battery was dead.  AAA technician arrived within hour, diagnosed the problem, jump started car, determined battery was finished, and when he found he did not have a replacement, source... Read more

Prompt and professional

He was excellent—professional and quick! He knew exactly how to do his job. And I didn't have to wait long for his arrival (it was very cold so I appreciated that). BCAA Member for 18 years  Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can provide. Read more

Personable and proficient

He was awesome! Calmed [me] with the right amount of small talk while efficiently getting down to the task at hand. Very polite, well groomed and appeared to genuinely be concerned with us getting home safely and without incident. BCAA Member for 1 year Learn more about all of the benefits a BCA... Read more

Accident support

The calm[ness] of the phone rep was VERY much appreciated as we had been in an accident…We have never had to call BCAA for something as serious as what we had just experienced and really appreciated that she was so very kind and efficient. How she managed my call had a positive impact on keep... Read more

Spare tire change

 …I called good old BCAA and a really nice man was here in 45 minutes, he installed the spare tire so I could get off next day and said to not go too fast...and away we went on our wee trip. As always BCAA were very helpful. Thanks so much. BCAA Member for 53 years Learn more about a... Read more

Mall rescue

He pulled into the mall parking lot and turned towards me immediately. My description as to where I was in the lot, that I gave to the telephone representative, had obviously been listened to and well communicated to the driver. He immediately pulled out the charger, as I had said that I thought thi... Read more

Safety ensured

He was great. Made sure I was comfortable and that I got everything that I needed from my car before I locked it and put it in the mechanics shop. [He] was going to wait with me until my friend came to get me. Above and beyond. Very easy to talk to. Very pleasant. BCAA Member for 20 years Learn more... Read more

Helpful recommendations

Very helpful. Was having difficulty finding a shop that was able to help repair the tire as it was late Saturday afternoon. The driver suggested a local business that was able to take me straight away and he also suggested a safe route to reach my destination. BCAA Member for 27 years Learn more abo... Read more

Tire change

[The driver] was the best. When he arrived, we determined that both my front tires were flat. He could not tow me, but was able to put on 2 snow tires as I had these with me. He was concerned that the one tire might be soft, so he followed me to a service station and helped me to pump it up. BCAA Me... Read more

Underground assistance

Very positive car was in the underground parking of my condo and the tow truck driver initially brought the handheld battery charger which wasn't enough to start. Because the underground has a low clearance he wasn't sure the truck would be able to get in and was willing to manuall... Read more


The driver was exceptional. [He] was there very quickly and even though weather was awful took the time to look under hood and with the help of neighbour figured out the problem so I could get my car home. BCAA Member for 22 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can provide. Read more

Satisfied and impressed

I cannot say enough how satisfied and impressed I was with the driver. He really helped out and provided excellent service. I needed a new battery after seven years with the original one and he explained everything about the new battery he installed. BCAA Member for 1 year Learn more about all of th... Read more


Our driver was a lifesaver! He was friendly, helpful and went out of his way to make sure we were okay. He even offered to drive us home when it was too late to get a rental car. His customer service and genuine care made a frightening and stressful situation much better. BCAA Member for 1 year Lear... Read more

Above and beyond

The representative went "above and beyond" after installing my spare tire by verifying that I was eligible to be towed to my home if I so wished. [He did] not leave until he was assured that I was able to proceed home on my own and knew where to have my car repaired on the following day. BCAA Member... Read more

Friendly and efficient service

I received very friendly and efficient service. Also, I was told by the representative that there would be no charge to put some gas in my tank, because I've been a member for so long - 40 years. Thank you BCAA! BCAA Member for 39 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can prov... Read more

Satisfied with BCAA service

Representative responded immediately to my call, requesting the pertinent information necessary; gave me full info as to who would be coming to put my spare tire on; within a matter of minutes [they] called to say it would be 15 minutes for a truck to arrive; they were there in less than 15 minutes.... Read more

Impressed and pleased

I had to find a phone and the telephone rep was very pleasant and courteous. The BCAA truck arrived in almost exactly the time estimated. He had my car opened in a less than five minutes, wished me a good day and was on his way. I was very impressed and pleased. BCAA Member for 54 years Learn more a... Read more

Outstanding service

Outstanding service. We needed to diagnose a battery and/or alternator problem. He showed me precisely what was happening, with a high suspicion that the alternator was the problem. He recommended a tow, and as the vehicle was in a safe place, we agreed that a tow truck would retrieve the vehicle wi... Read more

Top service

The driver was great, and even followed up, after we got to the closest gas station, for which he gave us directions, he went on another call, and quickly came back to make sure that we didn't have another problem after gassing up and going to restart the truck. It was over the top service. BCAA Mem... Read more

Exceedingly happy

We were exceedingly happy with the support we received from the phone representative and the roadside assistant. Every year I buy the entire family membership with BCAA for Christmas; this exemplary response gave me peace of mind. BCAA Member for 14 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA ... Read more

Two service calls in the one day

I actually had two service calls in the one day. First identified that I needed a new battery and the driver explained how BCAA could provide this for me. The second was to order the battery to be delivered and installed later in the day. Both drivers were excellent and the phone agent on the second... Read more

Location verified to avoid delay

I was very impressed with the phone operator being able to verify my location and being able to dispatch a tow truck with a minimum of delay. Also impressed with the way the tow was set up to take me to my destination. BCAA Member for 7 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership ca... Read more

Locked keys in trunk

I locked myself out of the trunk where my keys were. That meant that I couldn't get into my condo either. I asked someone else who lived there what should I do and he said call BCAA. So I went up to his condo where his wife helped me get to BCAA road assistance and they were there in a few minutes. ... Read more

Above and beyond

He was so kind and helpful, towed me to the place to get the job done, and took us there, offered to take us home if necessary, which it wasn't. I was very impressed and happy with him. BCAA Member for 23 years Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can provide. Read more

Battery replacement

Driver was helpful and suggested a replacement battery at a local shop. He explained what the problem was or could be. [He] took the time to explain also what to do if I had to use jumper cables. BCAA Member for 1 year Learn more about all of the benefits a BCAA Membership can provide. Read more

Truly excellent

It was truly excellent. Service arrived within 15 minutes the service representative was warm and friendly whilst competent and professional. I was up and running with my van in no time. The new battery he installed was a great price. It was all good. BCAA Member for 10 years Learn more about all of... Read more

Positive experience

It was a very positive experience. The lady on the phone also informed me of the battery service which I didn't know about and it was exact what I needed at the time. I was with my wife at the time and she felt very comfortable. [She] was at ease once we were reassured by your customer representati... Read more

Extremely rapid

I received excellent and extremely rapid service within 10 minutes of my call for help. Dead battery in a pouring Vancouver rainstorm!! Your attendant was quick and polite. Thank you. The telephone replies indicating time to respond were very helpful and welcomed, relieving much anxiety. BCAA Member... Read more

Extremely impressed

All in all I was extremely impressed by the professional knowledge of the driver/mechanic, it didn't take him long to find the problem which at the end turned out to be correct when I took the car for repairs. He said that in all his years he never encountered such a problem, and yet he found the so... Read more

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