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November 2011 (6 articles)

Stephanie testing Roadside story. Please ignore this. Read more

Driving along an express way

We were at the beginning of a long 4-corner trip in the USA.  Driving along an express way in the "middle of nowhere in Oregon on a quiet early Sunday morning, our engine suddenly quit and refused to start up again. We called the number on our card and within 45 minutes a tow truck arrived on t... Read more

Desperate situation

Hello: This weekend, my car broke down. I was in a desperate situation, needing to pick my daughter up from Camp where no phone access was available, service shops were closed, and no car rental agenices were in the vicinity. The BCAA serviceman understood my desperation, and out of sheer kindness, ... Read more

Excellent value for the dollar

BCAA continues to provide excellent value for the dollar & I recommend it to friends & colleagues all the time. Both of my kids have student BCAA memberships courtesy of their grandparents & have all utilized the service with similarly excellent service on each occasion. Keep up the grea... Read more

Two major breakdowns

I have been a BCAA member for just slightly under 50 years. Prior to 2010 I had only used the roadside service twice for minor events. Then suddenly in 2010 and 2011 I experienced two major breakdowns in my truck while pulling my little Teardrop travel trailer.  In both instances upon... Read more

First tow

I got my membership the day I had my first towing help on Sept. 26, 2011. My first impression with the service was amazing, excellent service and very accomodating assistance from the driver who have New Westminster area. My first impression was long lasting because I never have a service as excelle... Read more
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