Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Check Up

No matter where you are, being sick or injured away from home is unpleasant. Here are some healthy tips to help an out-of-country medical experience feel better. 
  • Pack your peace of mind. Remember to pack in your medical insurance policy and leave your policy number with a friend or family member you are not travelling with, just in case something happens to your luggage and you misplace your policy information.
  • Make the call. In an emergency, contact your insurance provider immediately. If you are unable to call, have your travelling companion or medical provider call on your behalf.
  • Get connected. When dialing your insurance provider in Canada from outside of North America bear in mind that ‘1’ is not the long distance number. You will need to dial the international access code for the country you are in before dialing the toll free number. You should find a list of country access codes under contact information in your policy booklet.
  • Seek top-quality care. An insurance provider will typically have medical consultative services, including a review of the appropriateness of your medical care. If you don’t have this service, the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers has a list of inspected physicians around the world. Visit
  • Avoid the claim altogether. Consider visiting a travel clinic before jetting off. That way you can protect yourself through vaccinations and reduce the chances of getting ill.
  • In addition, it’s often common knowledge, but it’s a good idea to stick to bottled water while away - even for brushing your teeth. Make sure the bottle is sealed properly as selling bottled tap water is a thriving business in some poorer countries around the globe.
  • Keep in mind, if you purchased trip interruption insurance and you do become ill while you are away, you may be able to rely on this insurance if you need to return home before your anticipated return date. Check to ensure you have this coverage prior to departure, for added protection. 

By organizing the right insurance, and taking precautions before you go, you can help an out-of-country medical event go smoothly. Hopefully as smoothly as your recovery!