My Membership

You may update your credit card information online by creating and online account and logging in on our web site by clicking here . Once you have logged in you will click on the Membership tab, and from the Membership Details page you will click on Payment Information located on the right hand side of the Membership Details page.          

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Add an Associate Member

To add an Associate Member you’ll need an online account. Register for an online account, if you already have an online account login here. Within your online account, simply click to select "Membership", "add an Associate Member".

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What’s the process of transfering my membership and is there a fee if I'm moving to/from another state or province?

If you're moving to/from another state or province, notify BCAA at 1-800-JOIN-CAA (1-800-564-6222) or visit your nearest BCAA location. Memberships are transferred between clubs on the membership expiry date. Members can continue to use their BCAA membership card, until the membership expiry date, under BCAA's reciprocal agreement. Transfer Out to another club: When BCAA receives an address updat...

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How do I arrange for Emergency Road Service (ERS) if my car is disabled?

BCAA Membership covers you, not the vehicle within the limits of your Membership choice. As a BCAA Member, you will be covered in whatever passenger vehicle you drive or ride in. For example, if you are stranded with a friend in their vehicle, and you call for service, we would help as long as you are present at the time of service. Emergency Roadside Assistance Numbers Lower Mainland  ...

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