When it comes to booking accommodations and dining out, finding a suitable hotel or restaurant can be more efficient by using the reliable CAA/AAA Diamond Rating system.

Each year, CAA/AAA publishes the names of Approved lodging and restaurant establishments in its TourBook® travel guides and Trip Tik® travel planners, available at any BCAA location.

All establishments listed in the travel guides and planners have been inspected and evaluated by CAA/AAA's professionally trained tourism editors. Establishments are assigned a diamond rating of one to five based on stringent requirement guidelines.

What makes CAA/AAA two-part rating system so reliable?

  • Full-time, professionally trained evaluators.
  • Member feedback.
  • Clear quality standards.
  • Thousands of up-to-date choices.
  • Establishments do not pay a fee to become CAA/AAA Approved and Diamond Rated.
  • Establishments undergo a rigorous evaluation process during an unannounced, on-site inspection.
  • And, unlike systems that rate properties from poor to excellent, CAA/AAA rates only those properties Approved for quality.

Smartphone users can download the BCAA Mobile app for free to locate CAA/AAA Approved and Diamond Rated accommodations and restaurants near a user's location.