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EVs are a growing part of Canada’s vehicle fleet

With an impressive range of choices, consumers have never had more transportation alternatives.

In the market for an electric vehicle but intimidated by the price tag?

A used EV may be for you. Shopping for a used electric vehicle is a lot like shopping for any other used vehicle but remember that this is a new market – supply will continue to grow as more hit the road. Here are some more EV-specific issues to keep in mind.

EVs are cheaper to operate because electricity costs less than fuel and fewer moving and wearable parts in EVs mean less maintenance. Savings can add up to thousands of dollars over a vehicle’s lifetime. Remember this is a new market, so when selling, resale value may be unclear.
Battery longevity
EV batteries degrade over time, which can reduce driving range. Batteries don’t last forever. Don’t forget to ask the seller for details on the battery like range and age.
Battery replacement
Because the market for used EVs is so new, the length of battery life is unclear. Most manufacturers offer warranties for 8 to 10 years. Batteries are expensive so check if the used EV battery is still under the manufacturer warranty. As more EVs enter the market, the price of batteries will decrease.

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