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Real Estate Insurance

Whether you rent out a home, a condo, or own vacant land, your real estate business and assets need protection from damage or potential lawsuits. You can end up in disputes with tenants, or disruptions such as fires or floods can get in the way of you being able to generate revenue. These challenges can set you back from continuing to grow your rental business—or cause a threat to your property business. Don’t put your business’s future at risk. Get the right coverage today with BCAA Small Business Insurance.

Property Types We Cover

We cover several rental property types, which all require insurance to be protected.

Residential units

A building containing a single or multiple rental units.

Condominium Units

A rental unit that is part of property complex.

Vacant Land

A property without a structure in place on the site.

If you have less than 5 rental properties and are not operating as a business, BCAA’s landlord insurance may be a better fit to protect your investment properties. Otherwise, start a quote to get the right coverage.

Don't let anything slow your rental business down

Nothing is small to a small business owner. Your rental company has taken blood, sweat and sometimes tears to build. Operating without the right insurance can put all your hard work and business potential at risk. According to research, 40% of small businesses will incur a loss within the next ten years. When your business includes renting out unique properties to a variety of tenants, things can go wrong.

Apart from finding great tenants for your vacant units, the proper insurance to cover the building, any of your property in the building, and liability are critical.

If you rent out the entire property or if it’s a building made up of several individual units such as an apartment, insurers will require a rented property policy.

Recommended Coverage for Rental Businesses 

General Liability

Coverage if someone injures themselves at your location or your business causes injury to another person or damages their things or property. You can be held responsible for the expenses, legal fees, and lost wages that result.

Property Insurance

Coverage for replacement or repair of your building, upgrades, and contents in the event of unfortunate circumstances such as a fire, water damage or theft.

Building Insurance

Coverage for replacement or repair of the building in the event of unfortunate circumstances such as a fire, water damage, or theft. 

Rental Income Insurance

Coverage for gross rental income during the restoration, provided the reason the property is un-rentable is because of an incident that you have claimed on your policy.  

Real Estate Agent

Coverage for Condominium Rentals

Improvements and Betterments Insurance

If you made updates to the original condominium specifications (e.g., new cabinets, countertops, renovations), the value of these should be listed in your property coverage so they are covered in the event of loss or damage to the building.

Condo Unit Owners Contingent Liability

Protection if the strata's insurance policy does not fully cover expenses for an injury or damage on the property, and the condo unit owners become responsible for the remaining cost.

Extended Condo Unit Owners Property Insurance

Coverage for the building and property when the condo is damaged, even if the strata's insurance policy is insufficient to cover costs.

Our online quote tool learns about your business and the coverages you need to protect it. 

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Why Choose BCAA

Quick and Convenient

Get a quote and buy business insurance today with our convenient online tool that only asks the important questions. After you’re all set up, you can make updates as needed.

Customizable Protection

Business insurance off the internet specifically catered for you with custom coverage recommendations that protect you against the particular risks faced by your business.

Solid Advice

Our online tool helps identify risks faced by businesses like yours and provides coverage recommendations. If you need more help, our expert Small Business Advisors are here for you.

Simple and Straightforward

No complicated industry jargon, just straightforward coverage for the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Valuable Ways to Save

Reduce premiums through a claims-free discount. Plus, business owners can get even more savings with a personal BCAA Membership.

Best Roadside Assistance

With coverage in Canada, the United States and over 120 countries worldwide. We deliver protection that follows you not just your car.

Small Business insurance is sold through B.C.A.A. Holdings Ltd. dba BCAA Insurance Agency, a licensed insurance agency, and is underwritten by BCAA Insurance Corporation, The Boiler Inspection, and Insurance Company of Canada, and HDI Global Specialty SE (the "Underwriters"). Claims are administered by the Underwriters ARAG Legal Solutions Inc., and their respective subcontractors.

Conditions apply to promotional offers. Promotional offers are only valid for new BCAA Small Business Insurance policies and are applied to the total premium amount

BCAA, in association with CAA, was ranked the #1 Most Trusted Insurance Brand in Canada by the 2022 Gustavson Brand Trust Index.