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Six tips to protect your trip with travel insurance

The cost of medical care can be much higher outside of Canada, exceeding the amount BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) will cover. That’s why the provincial government recommends buying private travel insurance for any trip outside of BC, through a provider like BCAA.

BCAA Travel Insurance is BC’s top choice, providing coverage and protection for unexpected medical expenses, including costs for physician and hospital care, prescriptions, ambulance services and transportation back to BC. Plus, you have the option to round out your coverage with optional add-ons, depending on your needs.

Here are our six top tips on how to cover your travels from the unexpected:

Tip 1: Choose the right plan for your trip

Consider your upcoming travels and if you need coverage for just one trip, or multiple. From there, based on the trips you’re planning, you can determine if you need either (or both!) emergency medical coverage and protection to cover trip cancellation and interruption costs, lost baggage and more. 

Find out how to find the best travel insurance for your travel needs.

Tip 2: Get coverage before you travel

Don’t wait to get insurance after you get off the plane or cross the border – be sure to buy before you leave BC as some providers don’t allow coverage to be purchased after you’ve already left, or some may apply coverage waiting periods. Since it only takes a few minutes to buy online at, make BCAA Travel Insurance one of the first things you check off your vacation planning to do list.

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Tip 3: Check your policy to know exactly what your travel insurance covers

Ask yourself: is this travel insurance the right coverage for me? Will your policy cover emergency expenses if you get sick or injured? How about if your airline changes or cancels your flights? Or if you have to change your travel plans? Will your insurance cover you for loss, damage or theft of your baggage or valuables? 

Make sure you’re getting top quality care by reading the Guide to Travel Health Insurance from the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers. Their guide seeks to answer a common traveller question: "Where can I find travel health insurance and what should I look for?".

Tip 4: Understand your health status

Many insurance providers require completion of a health questionnaire if you’re over a certain age. This allows you to get a rate specific to your health status. Be sure to answer the questionnaire accurately, even consulting with your health care provider if needed.

If you don’t and something happens on your trip, your insurer may impose a costly deductible or deny your claim altogether. Although not required by BCAA, some providers need you to update your policy if your health status changes throughout your policy term, so pay close attention to the conditions specific to your coverage.

Tip 5: Get extra coverage if you need it

Now that you have a good understanding of your health status, consider add-ons if you need them. For example, no matter your age, if you have any unstable pre-existing medical conditions, BCAA Travel Insurance offers up to $300,000 in extra coverage. Not sure if your condition is considered stable? Review the stability periods in the policy wording at

Tip 6: Keep the Receipts!

If you need to make a claim, make sure you keep all receipts and documents related to the incident, including medical bills, police reports and receipts for lost or stolen items. These documents will help speed up the claims process.

In the event you do need to make a claim, you can find helpful information, including convenient ways you can file a claim at Or, even better, add your policy to your digital wallet through the link on your policy confirmation email.

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Why BCAA is the right choice for your travel insurance

Based in British Columbia, BCAA understands BC travellers. Not only are we BC’s Top Choice for Travel Insurance, but we’re also BC’s Most Trusted Insurance Brand*. With BCAA you get $10 million in emergency medical coverage, access to 24/7 Virtual Care options and FREE coverage for your kids**. Plus, BCAA Members save 10%. Buy online in minutes at Safe travels!

BC’s Top Choice for Travel Insurance based on a third party market share study of responses from approximately 1,500 British Columbians per month; BCAA is consistently selected by the highest proportion of British Columbians for where they purchased their travel insurance.
*BCAA, in association with CAA, was ranked the #1 Most Trusted Insurance Brand in Canada by the 2022 Gustavson Brand Trust Index.
**Dependent children are free on family policy with two paying adults. Adults must be age 59 or younger. Policy terms and conditions apply.
†BCAA Member savings on insurance products are only available with Basic, Plus, or Premier Membership plans. For full details, please visit