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Safe driving in snow, ice and colder temperatures

When it comes to driving in winter conditions, oddly enough, the first thing to ask ourselves is, “Do I really need to drive?” As snow falls across the province and our roads are covered in ice, here are important things for all of us to keep in mind to stay safe.


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Winter driving safety—what gear to carry in your car

When it comes to winter driving, it’s important to carry around some actual tools and roadside emergency items that may come in handy should you find yourself in a winter driving situation.


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Cannabis Legalization in BC

With the legalization of cannabis set to come into effect this summer, the majority of British Columbians are concerned about their personal safety on the road, and how it may affect their insurance coverage. BCAA wants to keep everyone protected under the new law, whether it’s on the road, or at home.

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Offset holiday costs with your BCAA Membership

Preparing for a festive season can start now! Get ready—and ahead with these easy ways to save on gifts and holiday travel. See how your BCAA Membership can be your ultimate holiday helper.


BCAA volunteers deliver dream play spaces to winners of Play Here

BCAA volunteers helped build much needed play spaces in the communities of Mackenzie and Cache Creek, both winners of this year’s BCAA Play Here.


Ward off high winter heating bills

Here are high, low and no tech ways to keep the cold out and money in your pocket. Check out these easy tips.


Why winter tires should matter if you live in BC

Every winter it’s a mixed and messy bag of weather conditions in BC which makes driving challenging. Use our winter tire guide to find the right tires that work in our unique climate.


The truth behind common misconceptions about health care insurance

So you took the leap and started your very own, BeMyOwnBoss Inc. or you’re enjoying the flexibility of working on contract or maybe you’re about to start on your bucket list as you enter retirement—if you’re on any one of these paths, you’re likely to be one of the thousands of British Columbians without health care benefits through your employer.


Is your child’s Halloween costume both spooktacular and safe?

There’s nothing like getting a good ‘scare’ on Halloween—but not when it comes to kids’ safety. Here are costume and road safety tips to make sure your child stands out in the dark and enjoys their time trick or treating.


Top reasons to winterize your car for fall

Tips from BCAA automotive experts to winterize your car and save time and money


Back-to-school tips and savings to help your ‘grown and flown’ kids

Whether your child is moving out or staying home for post-secondary, it’s clear they’re about to gain a new kind of independence. Here are tips and savings to help prepare your child for their new journey into ‘adulting’—and keep them protected at the same time.


Earthquakes: how prepared are you?

More than 1,200 small to medium sized earthquakes happen in BC each year. The good news is we can all take steps now to feel more prepared to protect ourselves and our families. BCAA wants to help.


Playground designs are revealed — Ta da!

Kids and families in winning communities of BCAA Play Here see their new $100,000 play spaces take shape