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Safe driving in snow, ice and colder temperatures

When it comes to driving in winter conditions, oddly enough, the first thing to ask ourselves is, “Do I really need to drive?” As snow falls across the province and our roads are covered in ice, here are important things for all of us to keep in mind to stay safe.


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Winter driving safety—what gear to carry in your car

When it comes to winter driving, it’s important to carry around some actual tools and roadside emergency items that may come in handy should you find yourself in a winter driving situation.


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Cannabis Legalization in BC

With the legalization of cannabis set to come into effect this summer, the majority of British Columbians are concerned about their personal safety on the road, and how it may affect their insurance coverage. BCAA wants to keep everyone protected under the new law, whether it’s on the road, or at home.

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Participate with us in the BCAA Food Drive

From December 10 to 18, we’re helping local food banks support families across BC. As the holidays near, you might be thinking of doing the same. Learn what food items are most needed and how you can make the biggest impact in your community.


Holiday travel tips: Get your family through the airport shuffle

Here are smart and easy tips to help you navigate the obstacle course of holiday air travel and protect yourself from unexpected hurdles. Soon enough, you’ll be at your destination celebrating with the ones you love (including that one relative with the really bad knock-knock jokes).


New and merrier ways to engage with BCAA Magazine

We’ve got exciting new plans for BCAA Magazine based on your awesome feedback. Plus, we’re improving your online magazine experience so it’s even easier to find tips from BCAA experts about your home, car, travel and just living life in beautiful BC.


Will cannabis be a part of your holiday celebrations?

This is Canada’s first holiday season with legalized cannabis. Find out what British Columbians plan and what we all need to consider for fun and safe celebrations.


The 2018 Holiday Shopping Guide from BCAA

The holiday season doesn’t have to be hectic and expensive, so we’re here to help with our 2018 Holiday Shopping Guide! Get insider tips on saving on gifts, scoring the perfect party outfit and decorating your home in seasonal style.


Offset your holiday shopping with CAA Dollars and Member discounts

BCAA Members have many ways to save this holiday, including earning CAA Dollars


Offset holiday costs with your BCAA Membership

Preparing for a festive season can start now! Get ready—and ahead with these easy ways to save on gifts and holiday travel. See how your BCAA Membership can be your ultimate holiday helper.


BCAA volunteers deliver dream play spaces to winners of Play Here

BCAA volunteers helped build much needed play spaces in the communities of Mackenzie and Cache Creek, both winners of this year’s BCAA Play Here.


Ward off high winter heating bills

Here are high, low and no tech ways to keep the cold out and money in your pocket. Check out these easy tips.


Why winter tires should matter if you live in BC

Every winter it’s a mixed and messy bag of weather conditions in BC which makes driving challenging. Use our winter tire guide to find the right tires that work in our unique climate.