Privacy Policy




BCAA's ongoing commitment to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is addressed in this Privacy Policy. Our policy complies with applicable requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) and the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

The Privacy Policy explains our commitment to respect and protect your personal information. We want you to know why we need your personal information, how the confidentiality of this information is protected, and how you can find out what information concerning you is recorded.

BCAA is a member club of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA). To obtain a copy of the CAA Privacy Policy, please visit The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

This policy applies to BCAA and its member companies which include:

  1. British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA);
  2. B.C.A.A. Holdings Ltd.;
    • BCAA Travel Agency
  3. B.C.A.A. Associated Services Ltd.;
  4. BCAA Insurance Corporation;
  5. BCAA Insurance Agency Ltd. (formerly known as Pacific Sunspots Tours Inc.);
    • BCAA Insurance Agency
  6. BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation.

which are collectively hereafter referred to as BCAA.

You can choose not to provide BCAA with some or all of your personal information. However, this choice may prevent BCAA from providing you with the products, services, or information requested or offered.



BCAA is responsible for your personal information under its control. We have appointed a Chief Privacy Officer who is accountable for BCAA's compliance to this Privacy Policy. The Chief Privacy Officer can be contacted at


Identifying Purposes

Where appropriate, we will identify the purposes for which personal information is collected by us at or before the time the information is collected.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is any identifiable information about you, except your business contact information.   

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is any identifiable information about you, except your business contact information.   

  1. understand your needs;
  2. determine your admissibility for our products and services;
  3. providing products or services to you as requested, including arrangements made by us with other parties (such as tour operators or insurance underwriters);
  4. improving our products and services through customer surveys conducted directly by BCAA or by approved third parties;
  5. informing you about our products and services;
  6. comply with the applicable law
  7. meeting contractual or legal requirements


What Kind of Information We Collect

As part of providing you with products and services, we collect a variety of personal information about you, depending on your membership status and the nature of the particular products or services provided.

Typically, such information might include:

  1. contact particulars;
  2. vehicle information;
  3. information obtained during the course of dispatching a service vehicle including the type of service required and the tow destination;
  4. insurance needs, including such items as driving records, medical history, claims history, information on dependents, insured residence particulars or next of kin particulars;
  5. travel needs, including such items as travel arrangements and medical or dietary restrictions for travellers;
  6. credit information, credit history and identity validation on certain products or services;
  7. products and services history at BCAA; and
  8. publicly available information


How We Collect Personal Information

Usually, we collect personal information directly from you through application forms, surveys, online registration or at the counter in any of BCAA's offices. In appropriate circumstances we obtain personal information from third-party sources. For example, personal information is collected from other CAA clubs on members requiring products, services or insurance coverage in other provinces. In the insurance field, we exchange information with underwriters, agents, brokers and reinsurers as appropriate. Driving records and credit information may be obtained from third-party sources such as other insurers or credit reporting agencies, as appropriate. Personal Information may be obtained from a variety of sources, such as lawyers and private investigators, when we are investigating, evaluating and adjusting claims.


Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We use your personal information for the following purposes.

  • to provide you with the products and services requested;
  • to contact you for mailing and renewal purposes
  • to contact you to advise you of any existing services and benefits that may be of interest to you, including via direct marketing
  • to promote products and services with the member companies of BCAA, we may share your personal information with other member companies so that they may contact you directly to offer you products and services
  • we may also share your personal information with other member companies of BCAA to meet legal or statutory requirements or obligations to investigate fraud or other potential criminal activity;
  • we use service providers to provide specialized services on our behalf who may at times be responsible for processing or handling personal information in which case we ensure through contractual protection that they will protect your personal information
  • to protect the personal safety of our employees, our clients or third parties
  • as permitted by or required by law to comply with laws, regulations, subpoena or court order.
  • to ensure coordination of dispatch for members needing assistance by the use of external services such as Google Maps Coordinates Software.
  • to process, investigate and administer claims and assessments of losses in the event of a claim
  • to allow the establishment of the risk premium associated with an insurance policy
  • to underwrite and price your policy application and any subsequent policy changes or renewals
  • to analyze business results, compile statistics, perform administrative tasks such as accounting and information system activities and conduct marketing and underwriting research and modeling

For example, our travel service providers need your personal information and your credit card information, to process and confirm your travel reservation. These service providers will disclose your personal information to hotel, airline, rental car and/or other travel suppliers whose products you have purchased. This personal information must be shared with our travel suppliers to confirm your reservation and travel preferences, similar to other travel agencies. In addition, these travel suppliers may also contact you directly as necessary to obtain additional information about your confirmed reservation.

Except as set out in this policy, or as required or permitted by applicable law, BCAA does not sell or disclose any of your personal information to any other organization and BCAA will not transmit personal information to third parties without first obtaining your consent to do so. Applicable law permits BCAA to disclose information without consent in certain circumstances, such as:

a.     to an authorized contractor providing service to you;

b.     to our legal counsel;

c.      to a police force or government agency as required or permitted by applicable law;

d.     to a person authorized by a law or collective agreement;

e.     in emergency situations affecting the life, health or safety of an individual;

f.       to all other persons authorized by law;

g.      to another person for the development, enhancement, marketing or provision of any of BCAA's products or services on our behalf that we believe may be of interest to you;

h.     to an agent retained by BCAA in connection with the collection of your account;

i.       to credit grantors and reporting agencies;

j.       to a person who, in the reasonable judgment of BCAA, is seeking information as your agent.

BCAA will occasionally share aggregated information. This information does not contain any personal information and is used to develop partnerships to offer products and services that will be of interest to you.



Your knowledge and consent are required for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, except as required or permitted by applicable law. We only collect, use or disclose personal information for purposes we believe you would consider appropriate under the circumstances. If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, you may do so by:

a.     by contacting any BCAA office;

b.     by using the unsubscribe option provided in every email enabling you to cancel email program subscription(s);

c.      by contacting the Chief Privacy Officer in writing:


4567 Canada Way

Burnaby, BC V5G 4T1

Attention: Chief Privacy Officer

or fax us at 604-268-5585

or email us at

Limiting Collection

We only collect the information that we need in order to deliver products or services and information to you.


Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention

We do not use or disclose your personal information for any purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with your consent or as required or permitted by applicable law.

Retention: Your personal information is retained only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which it is to be used. BCAA does not keep your personal information if it is no longer needed for the purposes required or as required by applicable law or prudent business practices on general document retention.



Your personal information is kept as accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary and reasonably practical for the purposes for which it is to be used.



We protect your personal information by using safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

Each of our employees is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information to which they have access. We keep our employees informed about our policies and procedures for protecting personal information.

Your personal information is secure within BCAA. We have comprehensive security controls to protect against non-authorized access, use, alteration, duplication, destruction or disclosure.

a.     We may collaborate with partners to offer products and services. These partners never have access to our complete list of members and customers. If you take advantage of a product or service offered by one of our partners then your personal information may be shared with them as appropriate for the purposes of fulfilling that product or service for you.

b.     We may use the services of a specialized third-party in order to inform you of products and services that we offer. If we do use a third-party, appropriate contractual measures are in place;

c.      Our safeguards protect personal information against loss or theft, regardless of the format in which it is held;

d.     For information about the security of electronic transactions, we refer you to our website; and

e.     We have strict procedures in place with respect to destroying, deleting or disposing of personal information when it is no longer required for the purposes set out in this policy, or by applicable law.

f.       From time to time your personal information may be stored outside of Canada in which case it may be subject to the lawful access requirements of the jurisdiction in which it is held.



 We will make our policies and practices relating to the management of your personal information readily available to you.


Customer Access

Upon request in writing, you will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of your personal information and you will be given access to that information. We will assist any member or customer who informs us that they need assistance in preparing a request concerning personal information. You may challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate.

If you wish to review or verify the personal information or find out to whom we have disclosed it, you can do so by writing to us at the following address:


4567 Canada Way

Burnaby, BC V5G 4T1

Attention: Chief Privacy Officer

or fax us at 604-268-5585

or email us at

BCAA has thirty (30) working days to respond to a request for access to your personal information. BCAA can refuse access in certain circumstances as provided by applicable law.

You can ask to correct any of your personal information. The request for correction must be made by writing to us, either by mail, fax or email at the above-mentioned address. BCAA has thirty (30) days to respond.


Challenging Compliance

You can address any challenge concerning our compliance with this Policy to our Chief Privacy Officer.

BCAA has established an internal complaint resolution procedure for privacy and information matters. Complaints are reviewed by the Chief Privacy Officer, who will consult with management personnel, regional officers or others as appropriate. A written response will be provided to the individual, usually within thirty (30) days.


Internet-Related Policies

When you visit without registering or otherwise interacting with the site, your personal information and email address are not recorded. However, in order to meet your needs as best as we can, some of our forms require you to identify yourself or enter personal information. We will require personal information when you apply for membership, make purchases, take part in surveys, or request information on the products and services offered by BCAA and its partners.

BCAA provides a number of products and services via, many of which are exclusive to our members. To access these services, BCAA requires you to identify yourself. BCAA uses ‘cookies' to identify you as a return visitor. (A cookie is a file sent by a website and stored on your computer. We also use the cookie to track “hits”, transmit potentially useful information and personalize your future visits to the website.) Our ‘cookies' do not capture your individual email address or any personal information about you. However, BCAA may use this information on a consolidated basis for statistical and survey purposes to improve the user-friendliness of our website.

We use the information you have provided to help us serve you better. We do not send unsolicited email. When you provide your email address and consent to our sending you information about BCAA's products and services or when you add your name to our email subscriber's list on our website, you authorize BCAA to send to you personalized email messages from time to time. These messages contain information about products and services offered by BCAA member companies, and BCAA partners that we think may be of interest to you. At no time do BCAA's advertisers or partners have access to your personal information unless you provide it them as part of their offer; our member companies do have access to your information. An unsubscribe option is provided in every email enabling you to cancel your subscription to that email program.

We also allow you to personalize our website to reflect your preferences and to store personal information that you have provided voluntarily on the website.

We use standard web server log files, to help us count visitors and evaluate our site's technical capacity. We use this information to find out how many people visit our website and to make our pages more useful to our visitors.

This policy discloses the privacy practices for our website. However, our site contains links to other sites. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy and security policies of the new site. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of all websites you visit, especially if you share any personal information.