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Life Insurance

An easy and affordable way to help protect your loved ones.

Are you prepared for the unexpected? BCAA Life Insurance provides the comfort of knowing your loved ones can have the financial support they need should you pass away unexpectedly. Whether you’re getting married, growing your family or purchasing a home, BCAA offers a variety of plans to fit your needs.

Plus, as a Member you'll save 10% on BCAA Term Life Insurance*, provided by Securian Canada.

Key Features

Finding the right life insurance depends on your unique situation. Whatever stage you’re in, BCAA has a Term Life Insurance plan that’s right for you.

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Set Your Own Term

Easily customize your coverage to meet your needs with terms ranging from 10 to 30 years.

Ways To Save
Affordable Rates

Choose a coverage amount to match your needs, from $100,000 to $5 million in term life coverage.

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Couples Savings

Save 10% in the first year of your term life insurance policy for joint applications.

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Protection for Your Kids

All policies include $10,000 of complimentary coverage for each of your children.

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Locked Rates

Rates are locked in for the full term.

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Beneficiaries receive any tax-free payout as a lump-sum payment.

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For All Ages

Apply for term life insurance coverage until the age of 75.

When to Choose BCAA Term Life Insurance

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Buying a Home

Protect your most valuable investment should you pass away unexpectedly.

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Getting Married or Having a Child

Safeguard your growing family from financial uncertainties.

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Employer Coverage Ending or Nearing Retirement

Secure the lifestyle you've worked so hard to build.

Why Choose BCAA Term Life Insurance?

Flexibility and Affordability

Set the term length and coverage amount that fits your needs. Plus, BCAA Members save 10%.*

Instant Decision

Apply in 20 minutes and find out instantly if you’re approved.

No-Obligation Policy

Free cancellation anytime, with no fees or penalties.

BC’s Most Trusted Insurance Brand

British Columbians consistently choose BCAA as BC's Most Trusted Insurance Brand**.

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Critical illness insurance can let you focus on your recovery by providing financial support for you and your loved ones in the event you become seriously ill. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Apply for BCAA Term Life and Critical Illness Insurance in one application.

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Securian Canada is the brand name used by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company and Canadian Premier General Insurance Company to do business in Canada. Policies are sold, administered (including with respect to claims) and underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.

BCAA trademarks are owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association. The insurance transaction is between the customer and Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company. B.C.A.A. Holdings Ltd., dba BCAA Insurance Agency, receives commissions from Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company for referrals of potential customers for Life Insurance.

*BCAA Member savings on insurance products are only available with Basic, Plus, or Premier Membership plans. For full details, please visit
**BCAA, in association with CAA, was chosen as the #1 Most Trusted Insurance Brand by British Columbia participants in the 2023 Gustavson Brand Trust Index.