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Community Impact

We believe in the power of community

BCAA invests over $1,000,000 each year to protect BC Communities and help pave the way for a safer, resilient and more inclusive future for all British Columbians through the power of Membership.

Our impact comes to life through BCAA community programs and initiatives, strategic community partnerships, a robust employee giving program and more.

Impact areas

Safety crossing guard illustration
On the move
We protect British Columbians when they're on the move, focusing on initiatives keeping safety top of mind.
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At home
We protect British Columbians at home, investing in disaster prevention and preparing for when the unthinkable strikes.
Connections illustration of older man with cane and young child walking together
In our communities
We protect British Columbian communities, helping those who need it most to feel safe, protected and connected.

Moving BC communities forward for over 25 years

Giving back and supporting BC communities stretches way back.

BCAA has an extensive history of keeping our roads safe, building stronger communities and giving back in ways that improve the lives of British Columbians. Our roots started in road safety programs and campaigns, from school zone safety to reducing impaired driving, but today have expanded to include education on electric vehicles and providing shared mobility solutions for a new generation of British Columbians.

Over the years how BCAA has supported BC communities has evolved, but we're committed to moving British Columbians forward by protecting them in this place we call home so that we can make life in BC better for everyone.

Today, we are recognized by Imagine Canada's Caring Company program as a leader in community impact in Canada.

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How we impact lives in BC