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Need to Make a Claim?

When life throws you a curve ball, you can count on BCAA to be there when you need us most. We are dedicated to making your claims experience fast and smooth, as we understand how stressful it can be. Start your claim right away online or call to speak with one of our friendly claim specialists.

What to expect

From start to finish, BCAA and its claims partners are committed to a prompt, fair and courteous experience. We strive to thoroughly explain the claims process to ensure you are informed each step of the way on the status of your claim. When you start a claim, we will follow the below steps:

File your claim

Start your claim by selecting the appropriate product from below. Choose to file your claim by phone or online, if available.

Adjuster reviews and reaches out to you

Depending on the type of claim, BCAA or our partner claims expert (known as an Adjuster) will review details of your claim, determine coverage and assess the loss, damage or injury. We will then contact you and be in touch for additional information, explain coverage or discuss next steps.

Provide your documentation

Documentation includes a record of all information on any event which may have lead to the loss/claim, including dates, time, names, addresses (especially of witnesses) and photos. If you are served with legal papers claiming something covered by your policy, bring them to us.

Adjuster provides estimates and/or repairs

If appropriate, we will provide you with estimates and repair options for approved claims or in some situations, you may need to provide an estimate to BCAA. We will always let you know what we need.

Your claim is settled

Eligible payments are made based on your coverage. Depending on the claim, BCAA or our insurance partners will send payments to you by cheque or directly to your bank account or contractors, subject to your policy deductible.

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Home Insurance

Home, Condo and Renters

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No Limit on Coverage
Car and Motorcycle Insurance

ICBC Claim, BCAA Optional Car or Motorcycle Insurance

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Baggage Insurance
Travel Insurance

Travel Emergency Medical, Trip Protection and Visitors to Canada Travel Emergency Medical

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Life Insurance

5-Year Term Life, Multi-Term Life, Lifetime Protection and Guaranteed Issue

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dental services
Health & Dental Insurance

Vision, dental care, prescription drugs and more

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Pet Insurance

Offered through BCAA's proud partnership with Pets Plus Us

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Travel Accident Insurance

Specific accidents and injuries while you're home or away

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RV Insurance

Motorhomes, campers and vacation trailers

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Small Business Insurance

Custom small business coverages, cyber data protection and a 24-hour legal advice hotline

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Exclusive Partner Savings
BCAA Membership

Request reimbursement for Roadside Assistance and Road Trip Interruption

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Help your claim go as smooth as possible with these tips

The more information you can provide when filing a claim, the quicker it can be settled. You can count on us to get your life back on track when the unexpected happens, but to get you there faster, here are some tips to help guide you in the process.

  1. First and foremost, try to mitigate your loss. It’s your responsibility to prevent further damage or loss from happening if it is safe to do so. This may include turning off water to stop it from spreading or calling 911 for fire rescue.
  2. For home insurance claims, take pictures of the damage and inventory items that were lost and document the value of your personal property.
  3. When you start your claim, have the information necessary to file your claim: your policy number, contact information, date and time of the incident, police file number (if applicable) and any other relevant details.
  4. Keep receipts of any out-of-pocket expenses and items you may have purchased as replacements.

Here are some answers to common questions

The best resource to help you answer this is your policy documents. Look to them to view your policy deductibles, which can vary depending on what root cause of the damage or loss is. If the value of the damage or loss is less than your deductible, then this is a situation where you cannot claim. For example, if your $700 TV was stolen and your home insurance deductible for theft is $1,000, you cannot claim. If the value of the damage or loss is slightly greater than your deductible you can claim, but this can impact your policy and any claims free savings you may be eligible for. Similarly, if you’re on vacation and visit a doctor, the cost of the visit may be less than your deductible. 

A deductible is the portion of the claim that you responsible to pay. For example, if your policy deductible is $1,000 and your claim is $5,000, you will pay $1,000 and your insurance provider will pay $4,000. Deductibles help keep insurance premiums and claims costs down and help deter small claims. If everyone was to submit a small claim, it would raise everyone’s premiums.

It depends on your insurance and claims history. Depending on the product, some insurance companies like BCAA offer claim forgiveness for BCAA Home and Optional Car Insurance when you’ve been claims free after a certain amount of years. This will not affect your policy. If you don’t have claim forgiveness, then your claim could result in an increase of your policy deductible or premium, or imposed coverage limits for certain types of claims. Speak with a BCAA Team Member or claims adjuster to see how a claim might affect you as it’s based on your unique situation.

That’s okay. Your policy premium will not be affected if a claim payment hasn’t been made. But as the loss or damage happened, we will keep the record of it on file as part of your loss history. It’s always a good practice to let your BCAA Agent know that the loss or damage is repaired as this will ensure we keep your policy premiums unaffected.

Filing a claim is easy and can be done in minutes, but the length of time to fully settle your claim depends on your specific claim. For example, the theft of a few personal items can be settled much quicker compared to the destruction of your home, just as a minor injury or sickness while travelling can be settled quicker than a lengthy hospital stay. Check out these helpful tips on how to help your claim move along as smooth as possible.

Our adjusters work with you to determine an appropriate final settlement. If there is a disagreement, please follow our Complaint Resolution Process. You will need (1) your policy number or claim number (2) to describe the nature of your concern and relevant information about your scenario (3) and state your expectations.

Policy wordings outline the details of your insurance coverage, including what is and isn’t covered. They also provide important contact information in case you need to reach us regarding your coverage or to file a claim. You can view your policy wordings anytime by visiting