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BCAA Optional Car Insurance

Save, get better coverage, or both.

BCAA Optional Car Insurance provides complete protection for you and your car beyond ICBC’s Basic Autoplan coverage. It helps cover things like at fault accident car repairs, car break-ins and more. Plus, we provide unique coverage benefits and great ways to save.

Key Features

This is all about you and your car. BCAA Optional Car Insurance helps protect yourself and your ride by offering loads of options.

Collision Coverage 

Even the best drivers make mistakes and fixing your vehicle can be expensive. Collision coverage helps pay for vehicle repairs, towing and more, even if the crash was your fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

Break-ins, a cracked windshield — a lot more can happen than just a crash. We can help you offset the costs of other damage with Comprehensive Coverage.

Extended 3rd Party Liability
Excess Third Party Liability 

ICBC Basic Autoplan covers up to $200,000 in Third Party Liability but crash costs can be much higher. This coverage helps you with the difference of the cost.

BCAA Benefits 

With BCAA Optional Car Insurance, you automatically get the following unique coverage benefits.

One Accident Forgiveness
One Accident Forgiveness

Protect your good driving record and keep your premium from going up after your first at-fault accident.

Guaranteed Repairs
Guaranteed Repairs

When your car is repaired by a BCAA Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) facility, the repair work will be guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

Lock Re-keyed
Lock Re-keyed

If your keys or key-less remote are stolen, you’ll be reimbursed up to $1,500 to re-key or re-code the locks. The best part? No deductible gets charged.

Coverage for Pets
Pet Coverage

If your pet is injured in a car accident, you’ll get up to $1,000 in coverage for veterinary expenses. 

Motorcycle Coverage
Motorcycle Coverage

We’ll replace your riding gear valued up to $1,500 and you can increase the limit as needed.

Claims Service
Superior 24-hour Claims Service

Have a personal adjuster assist you throughout the entire claims process; if something happened to your car, we'll get it fixed.

highest customer satisfaction
High Customer Satisfaction

Quality protection at great rates. 

Service Guarantee
$500 Service Guarantee

We’ll get back to you fast. If you make an initial claim and don’t hear back within 6 hours for any reason, we owe you $500.

Optional Coverages

Preferred Driver Package
Preferred Driver Package 

Get more confidence on the road with our most popular coverages at one low price: Loss of Use Coverage, Rental Vehicle Coverage and Travel Protection Coverage.

Personal Property coverage
Personal Property Coverage

Protect your contents from thieves with up to $500 in coverage to replace personal items stolen from your car.

0 Deductable for Glass
$0 Glass Deductible 

Provides windshield, sunroof and all other glass replacement with no deductible.

Smash and Grab Bundle
Smash & Grab Bundle

Combines Personal Property Coverage and our No Deductible Glass option for one low annual price.

enhanced replacement cost
Enhanced Replacement Cost Coverage 

New vehicles can depreciate quickly in the event of a total loss this coverage will ensure you receive a new vehicle, or the cash equivalent.

How Can You Save with BCAA?

Become a BCAA Member

Members save 10% on BCAA Optional Car Insurance 

Combine Car & Home

Members save up to $40 when you bundle home and optional car insurance, plus receive free tire protection

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Insure two or more vehicles and save 10% per vehicle

Fuel Efficient Discount

Save 5% on your premium for drivers of vehicles recognized as fuel efficient by Natural Resources Canada

Anti-Theft Device Discount 

Save 5% on your Comprehensive premium for having a qualified anti-theft device

One Accident Forgiveness

Your premium will not increase after the first at-fault accident on this policy

Why Choose BCAA for Car Insurance?

BC Based
BC Based

We understand the unique needs of BC drivers. Whether you use your vehicle for work, pleasure or business we can help find right coverage for you.

Largest Brokers
One of the Largest Autoplan Brokers

We’re just down the road. With convenient locations all across BC, we are always ready to help with your Car Insurance needs.

Ways To Save
Valuable Ways to Save

BCAA Members save 10% on BCAA Optional Car Insurance. Plus, you save up to $40 when you combine your Home and Car Insurance with us too.

Trusted Experts
Trusted Experts

Our expert advisors take the time to get to know you better. We work with you to understand your needs and then recommend the best, customized coverage.

Saving the Day
Saving the Day

Our 24/7 emergency claims team is always ready to help. We have experienced local BCAA Claims Adjusters ready to take your call.

Members Get More

Save over $1,000 per year on BCAA Insurance, BCAA Auto Service Centres, Evo Car Share and at over 100,000 partner locations worldwide. Plus, we’ve got you covered with the Best Roadside Assistance. Not a Member? Join today.

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Save $20 on a BCAA Plus Membership for yourself or a loved one

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