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BCAA Magazine Spring Summer 2022

Spring Summer 2022 Edition

This Spring/Summer, our cover story focuses on the trend of Micromobility – the missing piece of the transportation puzzle – and its potential to change the way we get around. We feature Evolve E-Bike Share on the cover and discuss our pilot with Deloitte. We also look at other micromobility offerings in Kelowna and Vernon and how data shows that people aren’t only adopting options such as e-Scooters for the novelty factor, but also as a replacement for more traditional commuting choices. Included in this story, we offer some great tips from our partners at HUB Cycling on safe cycling, whether you’re pedal- or electric-powered.

Our Travel feature goes beyond sustainable travel to a term that may be new to some: regenerative travel. As we venture back out in the world, we shed light on ways we can not only limit the harm we inflict on the planet, but how our travel can help to benefit communities and societies if done right.

Finally, our Home story focuses on how to make the most of your backyard or patio this year and provides some helpful tips on how to bring those summer vibes inside when you don’t have outdoor space. Trying something new, we have a limited version of this story in the published magazine and invite readers online to find richer detail on our blog at

Different Ways to Engage with BCAA Magazine

For more than four decades, it has been our pleasure to deliver BCAA Magazine (formerly Westworld and BC Motorist) to Members’ homes. But in recent years, we’ve received countless messages from Members, telling us they’d prefer to read online. In a recent Member survey, more than 90 per cent of respondents said they’d favour digital-first distribution – mainly due to the environmental impact of paper usage and delivery. With BCAA’s own goals of reducing our impact on the planet, this Spring/Summer 2022 issue of BCAA Magazine will be the last we deliver to Members’ homes. All future issues of the magazine, starting with Fall/Winter 2022, will be available in a digital format on this page, plus shared via email and on our social media channels. Printed copies will still be available at BCAA Service Locations and BCAA Auto Service Centres across the province, in limited quantities.

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