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Slow Down Kids Playing Sign Assembly Guidelines

Thank you for helping to make our communities safer for kids by choosing to display a Slow Down Kids Playing residential lawn sign.

To assemble the lawn sign:

  1. Slip the accompanying wire frame into the small holes at the bottom of the sign
  2. Use foot pressure on the wire frame to secure it into the ground, rather than pushing down on the top of the sign

In selecting a suitable location to install the sign, please ensure that the sign is:

  • On your private residential property
  • Visible to oncoming traffic
  • Not obstructing driveways, intersections, sidewalks or walkways
  • Not obstructing a driver’s, cyclist’s or pedestrian’s line of vision

The sign is now your property and your responsibility.

Please note:

  • Check with your appropriate jurisdiction (city, municipality, or regional district) before placing signs on boulevards or other public property
  • To avoid seasonal wear, do not leave the signs out during months of bad weather when children are not playing outside

For a printable version, download the PDF here.