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What’s covered

When the declaration page indicates Legion Group Coverage Enhancement coverage applies, we agree to amend your coverages and limits of insurance as follows:

  1. Introducing your policy, How claims are paid for Coverages “A”, “B” and “C” in Section 1
    With respect to Your Personal Property – Coverage “C”, if you decide not to repair or replace your property, we won’t deduct depreciation from a claim.
  2. Section 1 – Your Property, Your Personal Property – Coverage “C”, 1.1.11 Extra coverage that don’t increase the Coverage “C” limit shown on the declaration page:
  3. a.  Personal property in care facility: is amended to:
    We’ll insure personal property belonging to the policyholder or their spouse while located at a care facility, up to a maximum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the limit of insurance under Coverage "C" – Your Personal Property.

    b.  Canadian Military orders, decorations and medal: We’ll insure Canadian military orders, decorations and medals of honor awarded to the insured, or awarded to a member of the insured’s family and inherited by the insured, including any administrative fees associated with their replacement. There is no deductible applicable to this coverage.

  4. Section 2 – Your Liability – Coverage “E”, 2.1.4 Extra coverage
  5. a.  Additional Insureds: In addition, the following persons are insured:

    i.  a household employee while performing duties at the residence premises or in connection with the ownership, use or operation of motorized vehicles, trailers and camper units for which coverage is provided in this policy or animal-drawn farm implements.

All other terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy continue to apply.