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What's covered

We’ll pay up to the limit of insurance shown on this coverage to reimburse you for the following costs which you actually incur resulting from insured damage under the policy, as follows:

  1. Under Coverage “C” - Your Personal Property, we’ll insure your Domestic Household Pet(s) up to a limit of $2,000 in all for accidental death caused by vehicle impact;
  2. In the event of a claim as a result of insured damage caused by a Domestic Household Pet, we'll in addition to the cost of the damage to your property, reimburse you for the cost of pet obedience training up to a maximum of $300. We'll pay this amount only once within the twelve (12) month policy term;
  3. Additionally, and unrelated to a claim from insured damage under the policy, if your Domestic Household Pet is lost we'll pay up to $200 toward a lost or found reward. We'll pay this amount only once within the twelve (12) month policy term.
  4. Under Coverage “E” – Your Liability, the limit of coverage provided is hereby increased to $2,000,000.

General Conditions

Your Domestic Household Pet(s) must be appropriately licensed within your municipality and in the case of dogs and cats; the pet must have either identification tattoos or identification tags/collars indicating contact information.

What's not covered

We don’t insure any costs which are caused by or contributed to, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by any of the following:

  1. dishonesty;
  2. business or commercial pursuits;
  3. intentional abuse or mistreatment of your pet by you or any member of your household.

How claims are paid

We’ll reimburse you, up to the amount of insurance indicated in this coverage for covered costs described above which you actually incur.


We’ll pay, only the amount by which the loss or damage insured exceeds the deductible stated on the declaration page for this coverage, in any one (1) occurrence.


The coverage under this coverage is subject to the definitions contained in Section 5 - Definitions, of this policy except as modified or added by the definitions contained within this coverage.

Within this coverage Domestic Household Pet or any reference to pet(s) means and is limited to those domesticated pets that reside within the interior of your residence household.

All other terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy continue to apply.