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The CAA Rewards Program, and the CAA Dollars® accumulated under the program, are operated by the individually owned and operated Canadian Automobile Association Clubs (CAA). The terms and conditions outlined below apply to the CAA Rewards Program and the CAA Dollars Program at British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA).

Participation in the program

As a valid BCAA Member in good standing, you're automatically eligible to earn CAA Dollars at the advertised participating program merchants and to redeem at BCAA the CAA Dollars accumulated in your BCAA Membership account. Please note primary Members have the right to use all household CAA Dollars. Associate Members have the right to use their own CAA Dollars. Therefore by being an associate Member you automatically give permission to the primary holder of the account to use your CAA Dollars.

CAA Members visiting British Columbia are able to present their CAA Membership card to program participants to either accumulate CAA Dollars or receive instant savings. A valid CAA Membership card must be shown at the time of purchase to receive either offer. Offers are only available on a valid CAA card carrying Member’s purchase for their personal consumption. Friends or family traveling with a CAA Member, attending a program participant’s location, must have a valid CAA Membership card in their own name to be able to receive the same offer. For full offer details it is best to check with the program participants prior to making any purchase.

The CAA Dollars accumulated at participating merchants located in British Columbia will then be transferred from BCAA to the appropriate CAA club for the region of Canada where the CAA card was issued and where redemption will occur. Likewise, BCAA Members can present their BCAA Membership card at program participants in other provinces of Canada to accumulate CAA Dollars.



CAA Dollars are accumulated each time you present your valid BCAA Membership card at any of the advertised program participants. It is the responsibility of the BCAA Member to identify themselves as a Member to the companies who participate in the program by presenting their valid BCAA Membership card to obtain the BCAA Member benefit. Please note that participating companies and offers may change without notice. The CAA Dollars accumulated at participating companies will be stored in the BCAA primary Member's account in BCAA's Membership system. For each $1.00 accumulated in the Membership account, the value at time of redemption will equal $1.00.

BCAA may cancel recorded CAA Dollars if the issuing participating company advises BCAA to cancel the CAA Dollars (example: because you returned products for which the CAA Dollars were issued). BCAA may refuse to record or honour CAA Dollars in your account, or if already recorded, we may cancel them if we cannot confirm that they were properly issued or obtained. Neither BCAA nor any participating company is responsible for any offer of CAA Dollars which is no longer in effect.   A valid BCAA Membership card must be presented at initial contact otherwise any participating company may choose to not retroactively honor the CAA Dollar offer.

Best Western Rewards Program: BCAA Members may be eligible to collect CAA Dollars by enrolling in the Best Western AAA Preferred Rewards Program® and indicating on their profile that they are a BCAA Member and want to choose CAA Dollars as their loyalty currency.  This is required to be done prior to any hotel night to earn CAA Dollars.  Members earn 10 CAA Dollars for every 2210 Best Western Rewards Program points. 

Instant Savings Partners

Various program participants provide instant savings to valid CAA Members at the time of purchase. Instant savings offers are only available on a valid CAA card carrying Member’s purchase for their personal consumption. For a complete list of instant savings program participants please visit

Please note, in addition to any rules and regulations listed on this page individual rules and regulations may be found on the individual program participant landing page found in the section.


CAA Dollars can be redeemed at BCAA for BCAA products and services. Other restrictions and conditions may apply. CAA Dollars are not redeemable for cash.
All CAA Dollars will automatically be applied to the balance owing annually for the household’s BCAA Membership renewal fees, unless the Member informs BCAA otherwise. CAA Dollars redeemed for the annual Membership renewal fee will be represented on the annual renewal statement that you receive from BCAA. CAA Dollars can be accumulated and carried over from one renewal year into the next without redemption being required.
As a Primary BCAA Member, you may purchase BCAA Associate Memberships for other family Members in your household. The Associate Member will then be eligible to receive all BCAA products and services, including the accumulation of CAA Dollars which will be stored in the BCAA Associate Member’s account.
The primary Member can select to use all CAA Dollars at any given time however the associate may only use their own CAA Dollars. Transferring of CAA Dollars from a primary account to an associate account is permitted however both Members need to be present at time of the purchase. Alternatively the primary Member can choose to have CAA Dollars transferred automatically by filling out a Membership Designation Authorization form.

In the event that you, as a Primary BCAA Member, do not renew your BCAA Membership by your yearly renewal date, you will only be entitled to redeem CAA Dollars accumulated on your Membership account up to the date of your renewal and redemption or transfer of such must occur within six months of your renewal date or accumulated CAA Dollars are forfeited and become the property of BCAA. If your lapsed BCAA Membership is reinstated within seven months, you will be entitled to redeem CAA Dollars accumulated on your Membership account. If you choose to purchase a new Membership instead of reinstating your original Membership, you will only be able to redeem the CAA Dollars accumulated on your Membership account up to your renewal date.
The transfer of CAA Dollars to another CAA club will occur following three months of notification of becoming another club Member, unless redeemed for BCAA products or services.

To see the balance of CAA Dollars in your Membership account, check your BCAA online account or contact the nearest BCAA Service Location. CAA Dollars can be redeemed at a  BCAA Service Location for almost all BCAA products and services. BCAA assumes no responsibility for any loss, damages, injuries or personal harm or expense relating to any BCAA product or service for which you choose to redeem your CAA Dollars.


By the act of accumulating CAA Dollars at companies deemed as participants by BCAA, or by accepting an instant savings you agree that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and are bound by all of them, as changed from time to time.


You consent to BCAA's collection and use of your Membership information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. BCAA's Privacy Policy outlines ongoing commitment to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Our policy complies with the requirements of the Personal Information Protect Act (BC) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada). Full details regarding BCAA's Privacy Policy are outlined online at To receive a copy of BCAA’s Privacy Policy, write to BCAA, Chief Privacy Officer, 4567 Canada Way, Burnaby BC V5G 4T1 or email BCAA’s Privacy Policy. To learn more, pick up "Our Privacy Commitment to You."