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BCAA Shell Member Benefit FAQs

Member Benefit & Eligibility

No, the discount is automatically available to all active BCAA Members.

  • If paying at the pump, you will be prompted to swipe your BCAA Membership card prior to your payment card. You MUST swipe the BCAA Membership card first.
  • If you are paying in-store, you will be asked to present either your physical or digital BCAA Membership card to be scanned.
  • If you are paying through the Shell App, you will need to load your Membership number and postal code into Shell App prior to using it for time.

The discount is available at participating Shell-branded retail stations across Canada (excluding Quebec). Participating Shell locations, and the portions of the offer available at each location, can be found by visiting the Station Locator online (choose a station, click Service & Amenities, and look for mention of CAA discount) or via the Shell mobile app. Please note that the Shell Member benefit is not currently available at Flying J locations. Flying J locations are primarily B2B and don’t participate in most offers, including Air Miles.

Yes! You can receive the BCAA Member discount as well as earn Air Miles by following one of these scenarios:

  • If you are paying at the pump, you will be prompted to swipe your BCAA Membership card first and then your Air Miles card.
  • If you are paying through the Shell EasyPay feature in their mobile app, you must load your BCAA Membership number and Air Miles card number into the app.
  • If you are paying in-store, you will need to scan your BCAA Membership card along with your Air Miles card to receive both offers. The card can be presented via Shell App, BCAA Mobile App, digital mobile wallet or by presenting the physical card.

The BCAA Member discount may be combined with other offers at Shell’s sole discretion. Shell Customer Support can be reached at:

Phone: 1.800.661.1600
Live Chat:

Your BCAA Membership card is required to receive the discount at the pump and in-store. The discount cannot be provided after purchase. At the pump, your Membership number cannot be manually typed in so you must swipe your physical BCAA Membership card. For in-store purchases, you must present either your physical BCAA Membership card, the BCAA Mobile App digital card or the digital BCAA Membership card in your mobile wallet to be scanned by the Shell Sales Associate.

Using the Shell EasyPay App is easy and convenient. You only have to enter your valid Membership number and postal code once and you will not miss out on future savings. Your savings will be automatically applied to all purchases using Shell EasyPay.

Download the Shell App and follow the steps to load your BCAA Membership card number, your postal code (connected to your BCAA Membership) and your preferred payment card.

Payment through the Shell App can be done through a few simple steps:

  1. Open the app while inside your vehicle
  2. Tap Pay to get started
  3. Enter your pump number
  4. Confirm your preferred payment method
  5. Start fueling

To pay in-store using Shell EasyPay:

  1. Select 'Shell EasyPay' from the home screen of the Shell App and choose 'Pay Inside'.
  2. Confirm your payment method and authorize the payment. A QR code will appear on your Shell EasyPay.
  3. Show the QR code to the Sales Associate for them to scan to pay for your purchase.

Shell Gift Card & Customer Support

At this time, you cannot use your Shell gift card with Shell EasyPay.

Yes, you can use a Shell gift card to pay for in-store purchases made using your BCAA Member Benefit. Please note that the Shell gift card is currently not available for payment at the pump.

See full terms & conditions at