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Shell Terms & Conditions

Offer is valid until February 28, 2025 at Participating Shell Locations for current members of the British Columbia Automobile Association (“BCAA”) The Offer provides a discount of 3 cents per litre when a qualified customer purchases any grade of Shell fuel (the “Discount”). The Discount shall apply to a maximum purchase of 1,000 litres per calendar month per BCAA membership number. The Offer also provides a 10% discount on car wash purchases by a qualified customer for personal use; and a 10% discount on convenience retail purchases made by a qualified customer for personal use, not including any tobacco products, lottery tickets, alcoholic beverages, gift cards, prepaid credit cards, phone cards, all printed materials or documents (including newspapers, magazines, books, maps, flyers, guides and all other written publications or documents), all items, goods, rights or services sold that are produced by, sold on behalf of, or otherwise obtained from any governments, regulatory bodies, governmental agencies or Crown corporations, including all postage and stamps, permits or licenses (including fishing, hunting, sporting or camping), and transportation tickets or fares (including ferries, bus or train), any other goods or services specified from time to time or as excluded by law, and any products ordered on-line and delivered via a third-party delivery service (collectively the Discount and the applicable offers, referred to as the “Offer”). No cash value. Any Discounts shall be calculated on the pre-tax amount and may be combined with other offers at Shell’s sole discretion. A valid BCAA Membership number must be presented at time of purchase. “Valid Members” means Members of Participating Clubs who meet the terms and conditions of the Member Offer and other terms, conditions and limitations imposed by Shell, acting reasonably and as posted on Shell or an Affiliate’s website or otherwise made available to the public for review, in order to ensure compliance with Applicable Laws and for the purposes of avoidance of customer fraud, abuse or misconduct, at any time and from time to time for participation in, or the benefit of, the Member Offer. Members using an existing Shell commercial business or “fleet” payment card are excluded from the Offer. This Offer is not available at Shell locations in Quebec, or to CAA members holding Quebec-CAA card numbers. Shell reserves the right to make changes to this Offer and to terminate the Offer at any time, for any reason and without notice. Additional restrictions and conditions may apply. Please contact your regional CAA club if you experience any difficulties getting your Discount.

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Participating Shell locations, and the portions of the Offer available at each location, can be found at: