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Fire Damage Prevention

Install/Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Test your smoke detectors monthly to ensure they are working properly and replace batteries every year or when they begin to chirp
  • Smoke alarms should be replaced 10 years from the date of manufacture
    Source: National Fire Protection Association

Inspect your sprinklers regularly

  • Many homes in the Lower Mainland have been equipped with sprinklers. Ensure that your system is inspected regularly according to the National Fire Protection Association standards at
  • Never hang anything from your sprinklers. This can cause it to accidentally go off

Check your roof

  • Clear away overhanging trees and combustible debris such as pine needles that could act as fuel for airborne sparks

Clear clogged link traps in dryers and outside of the home

  • These are a major cause of fires when the vents become clogged

Inspect electrical cords

  • If the cords feel warm or hot to the touch or are worn, replace them

Replace furnace air filters every three months

  • Build-up makes it impossible for air to flow freely and can lead to overheating and burn out

Know where the gas/electrical shut-off valve is located

  • When gas reaches a certain concentration in a room or house, the slightest spark can set off a tremendous explosion

Educate young children about the dangers of playing with fire

  • lighters/matches/candles

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