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Water Damage Prevention

Know where the water shut-off valve is located

  • Tag your water shut-off valve so you can turn off the main water supply in the event of a leak.

Install water alarms

  • They work like smoke detectors but warn of water leaks from toilets, water heaters, overflowing baths and sinks.
  • Some alarms even alert you on your smart phone when a possible water leak is detected or can even shut off the water to the appliance or the main water supply to your home when a leak is detected.

Inspect and install stainless-steel braided hoses

  • Dishwasher and washing machine hoses should be inspected and replaced every 3-5 years. Plus stainless-steel hoses are less likely to deteriorate compared to plastic hoses.

Run washer and dishwasher when you are at home

  • By being present in the home when you run these appliances, you may be able to catch leaks early.

Use a drain pan under your washing machine

  • If your laundry is on the second floor of your home, this is particularly important.
  • Place a drain pan under your washing machine and connect it to a drainpipe or floor drain so any overflowing water can be redirected.

Clear downspouts and drains

  • This ensures that water flows away from your foundation to prevent possible damage

Unplug appliances when on vacation

  • Avoid unexpected mishaps such as plumbing or electrical accidents while you are away

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