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Message from the CEO

This past year, BCAA has continued to grow – welcoming more Members, finding new ways to serve you and to be there when you need us. We’ve continued to re-invest in our business, with a focus on innovation, to help ensure we’re here for British Columbians for many years to come.

Relevant for everyone

From new product offerings and rewards partners, to revamped locations and adding a sixth Auto Service Centre – this one in Victoria – we continued to build our relevance with British Columbians. It’s vital that we evolve and innovate continuously to compete in an increasingly challenging market. Our new optional car insurance offers customers more choices for quality coverage. We also found new ways to improve our Home Insurance product, and J.D. Power rated BCAA Highest in Customer Satisfaction among home insurers in Western Canada. Evo Car Share celebrated breaking the 100,000 Member mark and continues to grow and explore new ways to improve mobility for our busiest urban neighbourhoods.

This year, we engaged with British Columbians in a new way through important advocacy work on cannabis and road safety, including a significant awareness-raising campaign to educate that “high” driving is impaired driving. The growing body of expert research, and some continued, dangerous public misconceptions about cannabis impairment are very concerning. We will continue to be a lead voice for road safety in this new era.

We continue to be there to support our communities and we’re extremely proud of BCAA’s Caring Company designation from Imagine Canada, recognizing our financial commitments to our community programs and initiatives. In 2018, BCAA Play Here committed to delivering new playgrounds worth $300,000 for excited families in Cache Creek, Mackenzie and Ladysmith after British Columbians chose them through a public vote. Our annual workplace fundraising will make a big difference for many people, by supporting valuable United Way programs with over $300,000 in employee donations and BCAA donation matching. We also continued with important programs including School Safety Patrols across BC, ‘Slow down, kids playing’ signs to encourage safer driving in residential areas and donating more child car seats to reach families who may otherwise not have a safe transport option.

Customer experience

This year, we further improved to make it easier for you to buy or renew some of our core products online. This is part of our commitment to be there with high-quality service however you choose to connect with us. We are also listening and learning from you to help us to find more ways to improve your experience with us at key times like a car breakdown or buying a new home.
While Summer wildfires had less impact for our Members and business in 2018 than the previous year, we still saw an increase in Home Insurance claims. We expect weather-related events to continue to drive increased claims numbers and costs. We also saw more Members use their Roadside Assistance benefit than expected which further drove up costs, but the important point to make is that BCAA exists for our Members and customers – and we will always focus on being there when you need us.

Our Customer Care team again exceeded our customers’ expectations by proactively contacting those who were impacted by flood and wildfire events to check on their safety and offer information. In 2018, we also examined and redesigned our claims processes, creating an entirely new team whose focus is to make your experience of opening a new claim with us even better, at what is surely always a time of great stress.

A strong foundation

Delivering the best possible experiences for you, our Members, starts with a committed and dedicated team of employees. That’s why we continued to focus on initiatives that improve our key processes and systems and support our team to develop their professional careers and deliver our very best service to you.

I am incredibly proud of our team’s loyalty and passion, and we remain committed to fostering an incredible workplace culture. A strong culture builds a fantastic team, attracting and retaining the talent we need to achieve our mission and meet your needs.

Looking to the future

While I love to celebrate our achievements, it's equally important to look ahead and plan for what's coming next. In 2018, we worked hard on our long-term strategic plan to guide our success as we look much further out, towards the year 2030. This longer-term perspective helped confirm we’re already on the right track, and crystalized where we can challenge ourselves to remain sustainable and move towards an exciting future.

We are confident in BCAA today, and in our ability to ensure we continue to be there for you long into the future. Through innovation and a pioneering spirit, we will continue to invest in our core services and to seize opportunities to evolve and add more ways to serve you.

On behalf of everyone at BCAA, thank you for your continued loyalty and Membership. We’re looking forward to being there when you need us, in 2019 and beyond.

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Shom Sen