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Message from the Board Chair

As stewards of the organization, your Board of Directors is responsible for creating more and lasting benefits for Members. I am pleased to report out to you, our Members, on BCAA’s 2022 fiscal year, which ended September 30, 2022.

New normal 

The past year, as we came out of the global pandemic, BCAA returned to more normal operations. I am pleased to share that our organization was more than ready. Under the leadership of our executive team, BCAA’s overall strategy and dedication to leading with purpose, remained effective in further strengthening our organization.

Strong financial performance 

Thanks to prudent management, our corporate performance was strong, allowing us to recover from extreme weather events early in the fiscal year. It was heartening to see that British Columbians continued to see value in BCAA Memberships and I am proud to share that Membership continued to grow at an impressive rate, despite inflationary pressures on BC households. We remain committed to investing in ongoing service improvements and the Board was pleased to oversee the priority initiative to modernize BCAA’s systems, technologies, and partnerships to enhance our Member experience.

Future planning & purpose 

BCAA’s resolution to hit carefully set targets and plan for the future instilled a rigor in our planning process and allowed the organization to pivot as opportunities arose and circumstances changed. The commitment to make every British Columbian want to be a Member remained steadfast. BCAA continued to sharpen its focus on being a purpose-led organization and spent the year laying the framework for measuring our impact. Your Board of Directors has been actively part of planning for what’s next for BCAA and ensuring we continue to be relevant to British Columbians.

Thank you 

Employee engagement remained strong, and we are immensely proud of our teams for their commitment to continuing to make BCAA a top employer. Our Board is grateful to our team members for their hard work and flexibility, and we are also grateful to our Members for their business and loyalty.

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Shannon Susko