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Home Policy Updates

We’re pleased to provide the following changes to your policy.

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Previous Definition

Updated Definition

Personal Property With Special Limits

Certain items of personal property have special limits on how much you can claim.

Previously various limits existed on how much you could claim for different types of property.

Coverage for personal property with special limits on how much you can claim (for example bikes, business property, jewelry) has been simplified and there is now flexibility to change your limits if you require more protection.

There is now a Category Limit for how much you can claim within a category of property and a Combined Limit which applies if your claim includes property from multiple categories. Instead of increasing coverage for different types of property individually you now can increase the coverage for all categories at once. You can choose to schedule high value items if you want to insure a specific piece of property.

Limits that previously applied only in the case of claims caused by theft or disappearance, now apply to all insured damage. To learn more visit

The choices available are:
$3,000 Category/$10,000 Combined
$10,000 Category/$50,000 Combined
$20,000 Category/$75,000 Combined

For a list of Personal Property with Special Limits categories click here and refer to page 5 section 1.1.9(3).

Previously you had the ability to increase coverage for some types of Personal Property.

Instead of increasing coverage for different types of property individually you now can increase the coverage for all categories at once.

Premier Benefit

Premier Coverage is only available for eligible customers who meet insurance history and valuation requirements.

This benefit provided enhanced coverages for Legal Liability, identity theft and personal property with special limits at no additional cost.

This benefit has been discontinued. Existing customers with this benefit have been provided with the same or similar coverage options that they used to have but are now paying a premium for these coverages in line with other customers. To compensate for this they have been provided with a discount to their total premium.

Policy Deductible Changes

The Policy Deductible is the amount which must be paid in the event of a claim, before insurance coverage is provided. Choosing a higher Policy Deductible decreases your premium.

The cost or saving from your deductible choice was shown separately on your documents.

We have simplified our deductible choices to $500, $1,000, $2,000 and $5,000. This may have changed your deductible shown on your documents.

In addition the cost or saving associated with your deductible choice is now included in your overall premium rather than shown separately on your documents.

Flood Coverage

Provides coverage for direct loss or damage to property caused by the sudden and accidental entry of water resulting from flood into your home.

Only homes located in eligible flood zones are eligible for Flood Coverage.

We have updated the areas of British Columbia eligible for Flood Coverage based on the latest information available. This has resulted in the change of eligibility for flood coverage or the limit on how much can be claimed for some customers. Please review your renewal documents for information on whether this affects your policy.

Bylaws Coverage

Provides coverage for older homes which must be rebuilt to current by-law standards in the event of a loss.

Bylaw Coverage was always included in a Homeowners policy but only displayed on your documents if extra limits were purchased.

Homeowners Bylaws Coverage now appears on the policy Declaration page regardless of the limit purchased to provide clarity to coverage limits.

Earthquake Coverage – Building Only

Provides protection for damage and loss resulting from an earthquake.

For a reduced premium customers had the option to purchase Earthquake Coverage for their building only.

All customers who purchase Earthquake Coverage will have coverage for their building and personal property.

Earthquake Coverage – Personal Property

Provides protection for damage and loss resulting from an Earthquake.

Customers could reduce their personal property coverage limit provided through Earthquake Coverage.

Customers will be provided a set amount of coverage for their personal property in the event of an earthquake based on the value of their home.

Group Plans

Provided extra discounts and coverage options for members of specific groups.

Eligible customers could purchase Group Plans with extra benefits available.

Group Plans are no longer available and have been removed from all impacted policies.

Sporting Equipment - Increased Limits

Provided higher coverage limits for customers who required increased limits specifically for golf equipment and carts.

The ability to increase Sporting Equipment Coverage was available for customers with high value sporting goods.

Removed from all impacted policies. Coverage is provided through the Personal Property with Special Limits coverage.

Home Business Coverage

Provided coverage for eligible customers who operated a small business from their private residence.

Previously discontinued. Only customers who had this Coverage and kept it are being affected.  

BCAA has recently launched dedicated small business insurance designed to meet the needs of small business owners in British Columbia. Please visit for a quote.

Personal Property Extension

Customers who require coverage and are living at a different location while their primary residence is under construction.

An extension which provided coverage for Personal Property at the temporary location was available.

Personal Property Extension is no longer available. Customers seeking coverage for a temporary location can now purchase a Renters policy for a discounted rate.

Increased Limits – Garden Tractors

Provided higher coverage limits for for customers who required increased limits specifically for garden tractors which met eligibility criteria.

Customers had the ability to purchase higher coverage limits for garden tractors.

Coverage is provided through the Personal Property with Special Limits coverage.

Milestone Reward Deductible

Provides a reduced policy deductible for eligible Members, as a reward for continuous insurance and claims free history.

Milestone Reward Deductible was $200.

Milestone Reward Deductible has increased from $200 to $500.

Flexible Water Deductible

Provides the ability to increase or decrease a policy's Water Deductible for eligible water claims. Choosing a higher deductible results in a reduction in premium.

The ability to adjust a policy's Flexible Water Deductible was previously limited to Vancouver Island residents only. Flexible Water Deductible were:
•  $1,000
•  $1,500
•  $2,000

Renamed to 'Water Deductible'. The ability to adjust a policy's water deductible is now available to all eligible customers. Water Deductible limits now available:
•  $500
•  $1,000
•  $2,000
•  $5,000

Bareland Strata Coverage

Bareland Strata Coverage provides Strata Deductible, Strata Property Damage Coverage and Strata Liability Coverage for homes located on a bareland strata.

Customers that lived on Bareland Strata were required to purchase the different elements of coverage separately.

Bareland strata coverage has been simplified. A single coverage now provides all the elements that used to be provided separately.