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Driving Cost Calculator

You're thinking about buying a car and want to know what’s affordable. Or, you've narrowed your choices to 2 cars, but you can't decide which one is really the better deal. Or, you’re trying to determine if driving your car on the weekends while taking public transit or cycling during the weekdays will save you money.

"Driving Costs" is a tool that can help answer your questions about what it really takes to own and operate a car.

As we all know, when it comes to vehicle expenses, the purchase price or cost of gas is only the tip of the iceberg. For everything from gas to licence fees and depreciation, this new tool uncovers hidden costs and provides you with a complete picture of vehicle ownership. In as little as one minute, you can figure out the real price tag of driving in B.C. It will even give you an idea of how much is car insurance in B.C.

Understanding the real cost of owning a car will help you make the right choice when purchasing a vehicle and can help you plan your household budget. Operating and ownership costs are available for 2016 vehicles or older.

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