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Back to School Traffic Safety Tips

As the summer comes to an end, school zones come alive with children and parents returning to usher in a new year of learning. With this increase in traffic comes a need for increased care from drivers who are passing through these busy spaces. Whether you have a child going back to school, or you simply drive through a school zone on your morning commute, here are some tips to help make the roads safer for everyone.

Follow Speed Limits

This may seem obvious, but the speed limits posted in school zones are there for a good reason. Schools and community centres are hubs of activity where kids are often out playing, even after school, during summer vacation and other school breaks, and on the weekends. School zone speed limits can vary by location and time of year, so drivers should learn the rules for their community to help keep the roads safe.

Drive Without Distractions

Drive Without Distractions Mornings can be hectic, so it's understandably tempting to try and multi-task as you drop the kids off at school. But even activities that seem simple, such as applying makeup or having a morning snack while driving, can distract your attention from the road and leave you vulnerable to accidents. Texting is an especially dangerous distraction, as drivers who text are 23 times more likely to be in a crash or near-collision event. To stay as safe as possible, turn your cellphone off or keep it out of reach and focus on the road while driving.

Watch for School Safety Patrollers

School zones are often monitored by teens or school children, such as the BCAA School Safety Patrollers, who ensure students get to school safely. Keep a lookout for their bright safety vests and when you see them, please pay attention to their directions.

Don’t Rush

Give yourself enough travel time to get to your destination so you don’t have to rush. Try to do whatever you can to buy yourself some extra minutes — whether it’s waking up a bit earlier, planning out a more efficient route, or getting some tasks done the night before to reduce the number of things that have to be done in the morning.

Learn more about how the BCAA School Safety Patrol Program is helping kids in British Columbia stay safe.