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Playground designs are revealed — Ta da!

Kids and families in winning communities of BCAA Play Here see their new $100,000 play spaces take shape

After winning this year’s BCAA Play Here initiative, children and families in Cache Creek, Ladysmith and Mackenzie are about to get another breakthrough. BCAA reveals playground design plans for winning projects submitted to BCAA Play Here, a community investment initiative that gives kids in BC better places to play and learn.

“We’re excited to be bringing vibrant new playgrounds to each community that can serve as community hubs for children and families to spend time together,” says Shawn Pettipas, BCAA’s Director of Community Engagement. “We’re happy to reveal design plans to show the winning communities how their new play spaces are coming to life.”

BCAA and partnering play space experts worked closely with each community to design vibrant new playgrounds that can serve as a central hub that not only brings kids together, but entire communities as well. The playgrounds will include extraordinary features geared towards challenging, imaginative and inclusive play and accessibility.

See the designs that are making children and families move and groove with happiness:

play here cache creek

Cache Creek Elementary School, Cache Creek

  • Interconnected circuit features. Allows children to move from one element to another without having to set foot on the ground with creative entry and exit points throughout the circuit.
  • Novel sliding, climbing and balancing structures. Each feature has varying angles and heights to offer different sets of challenges.
  • Roof-covered decks. Provides children much needed shade and protection from the sun and hot, dry weather typical for the Cache Creek climate.
  • Sensory Dome. An inclusive play structure featuring various routes of travel while climbing. Includes an accessible element that provides auditory, visual and tactile experiences through interchangeable panels.
  • Wheelchair accessible ground surface.

play here mackenzie

Mackenzie Recreation Centre/John Dahl Park, Mackenzie

  • Natural-themed playground with duo structures. Each separate structure is designed for two age ranges, 2-5 years and 5-12 years to provide suitable challenges for each age group.
  • Designed with toddlers in mind. Height appropriate decks, climbs and slides.
  • Woodland café. A fun storefront panel for imaginative play.
  • Various climbing features. Provides different levels of challenges for older children between 5-12 years.
  • Wheelchair accessible ground surface.

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