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Roads to Innovation: Part 1

Watch the first part of our two-part series Roads to Innovation where we look at the evolution of mobility in BC and Canada. Here we uncover how quickly innovation can creep up on us, becoming so embedded in our daily lives that what’s new becomes the everyday.

The evolution of mobility

After millennia of human history, we’ve come to realize that our daily lives revolve around certain things that we no longer question, like the metric system, spices and seasonings and eating utensils. Getting around town has also become second nature where we get from point A to B to C and so on with greater ease—or do we really?

For a long time now, so many of us have become accustomed to having our own car in our driveway, ready for us to use at any time. But in recent years, we’ve all been witness to a convergence of several mega-trends, including the sharing economy, rapid advances in digital and vehicle technologies and particularly in BC—high housing costs. And all of these combined are creating shifts in mobility needs and preferences for many of us.

Some of us have gone from being a multiple-car family to a one-car or no-car family. Many of us now turn to car share and the on-demand vehicle access and pay-per-use mobility it offers. In the meantime, public transit continues to serve us for our entire trip or a portion of it. And, cycling is still a chosen option for many.

With more options at our fingertips, transportation has become a dynamic equation that we need to solve each and every day. Any one of these scenarios may be familiar to many of us: check your car share app on the way to the bus stop; bike to the store then throw your bike on top of an Evo to get your grocery-filled bags home; or drive your car to the station and take public transit the rest of the way. Perhaps soon, reserving a rideshare or hopping onto a driverless vehicle will also become part of our mobility strategy.

It’s undeniable, we’re amid a transportation shift that’s revolutionizing the way we get around within our cities and from community to community. But how did we get here? Where are we going? And what will life be like when we get there?

In our two-part series Roads to Innovation, we look at the evolution of mobility, particularly in BC and Canada and shed light on these questions. For us at BCAA, we also asked ourselves, what’s our role in all of this? And in our digging for answers, we discovered the immense impact BCAA, CAA and Canadian automobile clubs have had on how we all get around in our cities and stay connected with one another and our communities.