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Travel planning essentials

Whether you’re hopping on a plane or hitting the road, keep family travel stress-free with a bit of early planning and preparation.

If you’re flying…

  1. Leave for the airport early. During peak travel times like long weekends you’re likely to face traffic jams, full airport parking lots, delayed shuttles and long lines at security. BCAA Members save up to 15% when booking online for parking at Vancouver airport.
  2. Prep your cell phone. Before you leave, download your airline’s app to get alerts if your flight is delayed or the gate changes. Plus, some airlines only offer entertainment on their apps, so get downloading and bring along your headphones. Don’t forget to fully charge your phone and pack your charger in your carry-on.
  3. Protect your trip. BCAA’s Trip Protection Package covers you for pre-paid travel fees if your trip gets cancelled or interrupted. You’re also covered for missed connections, sickness or serious injury to you, your travel companion or to one of your immediate family members. Plus, if the Canadian Government issues a travel warning about your destination it can cover that too.
  4. Screen shot your boarding pass. If you prefer getting your boarding pass by email or text, remember to take a screenshot of it. This smart backup could be useful if you accidentally delete the email or text, or, if the airport’s WiFi isn’t strong enough.

If you’re driving…

  1. Bring a printed map. That GPS on your phone might not work in areas with poor cell service. Before you leave, visit and use BCAA’s online TripTik planner to create and customize your route then save and print high-quality, personalized, detailed maps right from your home!
  2. Plan your route. If you can help it, go in the opposite direction of rush-hour traffic—enter a city in the evening hours, and exit it in the morning. And, if you’re driving in the US, stick to two-digit interstates, which are usually the most direct routes through cities.
  3. Pack your BCAA Membership card. With your BCAA Membership, you’re covered anywhere in Canada, the US and 120 countries worldwide. Our roadside assistance coverage follows you—in any car. You can also save at over 100,000 BCAA partner locations worldwide.
  4. Save on gas. With gas prices at peak heights in BC and many parts of Canada and the US, download the BCAA App to access Gas Price Monitor which shows you gas prices and station locations near you or along your route throughout North America to help you find the cheapest gas nearby. Get more gas-savings tips in our other BCAA Blog.

No matter how you get there…

  1. Get travel insurance. Whether you’re visiting the US, overseas or even another province in Canada, BCAA Travel Insurance can help cover costly medical bills that your MSP doesn’t. Did you know Health Insurance BC only pays $75 per day for hospital stays? Compare that to the average cost in the US often exceeding $1,000 USD per day and as high as $10,000 USD per day in intensive care.
  2. Kids gets free coverage with BCAA Travel Insurance. If you’re travelling with your kids, know that they’re covered for free when you purchase BCAA Travel Insurance. Contact a BCAA insurance advisor or visit for a quote. Emergency coverage starts at $20 per trip and BCAA Members save 10%.