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Evolve E-Bike Share rolls onto Vancouver Island 

There’s a new way to get from A to B in Nanaimo. Evolve E-Bikes are part of the Evo shared mobility services created by BCAA, and you’ll find dozens of e-bikes to get you around the Harbour City.

As we’re committed to boosting connectivity and reducing carbon footprints, BCAA’s Evolve E-Bike Share pedalled into Nanaimo on May 1, 2024. This is a pilot program for 12 months and 100 e-bikes will be launched this year.

You’ll find 16 Parking Zones around Nanaimo’s downtown, including recreational areas like Maffeo Sutton Park and Bowen Park, key commercial centres and residential areas. We're also exploring expanding to cover areas like Vancouver Island University, BC Ferries Terminal and the Hullo Ferry Terminal this summer. Get ready to zip through Nanaimo's streets, parks and waterfront with ease, all while contributing to a greener future.

"We're thrilled to expand Evolve E-Bike Share to Nanaimo this summer, with further plans to reach more communities across the Island. In collaboration with the City of Nanaimo, we're proud to support the city's goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050, promoting active transportation as a key solution.” – Leanne Buhler, Head of Evolve E-Bike and E-Scooter Share at BCAA.

Man rides an Evolve e-bike through streets of Nanaimo

How it works

Getting started with Evolve E-Bike Share is easy. Just download the Evo app and sign up. Once you’re registered, use the app to find an available e-bike. Unlock the e-bike by scanning the QR code. Then snap a helmet on (there’s one in each e-bike basket) and hit the road.

The rates: Per-minute: $0.35/min

Per-hour: $12.99/hr

Monthly subscription: $9.99/mo which reduces your per-minute rate from $0.35 to $0.10

Finished your ride? You can leave Evolve (just about) anywhere. Just look for an approved Evolve Parking Zone in your app. To end your trip, select ‘End trip’ and you’re done! Better still, BCAA GO Members save 10% on all per-minute and per-hour rates. Not a BCAA GO Member? Find out more.

A wheely great offer

To celebrate our Nanaimo debut, starting May 8, 2024, the City of Nanaimo and BCAA are giving out 30 FREE minutes to the first 1,000 new Evo Members. Use promo code NANAIMO when you sign up on the Evo app or at to get the offer.

Woman rides an Evolve e-bike through streets of Nanaimo, in front of a red brick library building

3 great cycle routes around Nanaimo

You can cruise along the scenic Harbourfront Walkway, explore the vibrant downtown core or escape into nature at Bowen Park with these cycle routes:

Parkway Trail

This all-paved, point-to-point trail takes you from one end of Nanaimo to the other with a good mix of urban and woodland scenery.
Distance: 19.3 km
Approx time: 2 hours

Trans Canada Trail

On this section of the Trans Canada Trail, you’ll see the 48-metre high Haslam Creek Canyon suspension bridge, and trails like Extension Ridge, Pipeline, White Pine and Haslam.
Distance: 22 km
Approx. time: 2.5 hours

E&N Trail

This loop follows the old historic railway line and is a great way to see Nanaimo. It connects you to Nanaimo's scenic waterfront and links up with the Parkway Trail.
Distance: 8 km
Approx time: 90 minutes

For even more adventures around town, check out Tourism Nanaimo’s website.

Riding all over BC

BCAA's dedication to fostering sustainable travel experiences extends beyond Nanaimo. Evolve E-Bike Share is now a beacon of green mobility in Whistler and SFU in Burnaby. Plus, Evolve E-Bikes are available to private businesses in Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Whistler, serving clients like Deloitte, lululemon and Northeastern University.

Friends walk with Evolve e-bike in front of the welcome to Comox Valley sign

We’re evolving into the Comox Valley

Thanks to all these successful launches, we’re sending e-bikes further into the Island. Later in May, the Comox Valley is getting its own Evolve E-Bike Share program. During this two-year pilot project, there will be 75 e-bikes around Courtenay and Comox. Watch for 25 e-bike Parking Zones throughout Courtenay and Comox downtowns, the Harbour Air terminal, commercial centres, residential and park areas. Locals and visitors are able to embrace sustainable travel and enrich their experience of this gorgeous island region.

“By offering affordable and convenient e-bike options, we're not only enhancing accessibility but also catalyzing a shift towards eco-conscious commuting. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to extend our reach into Vancouver Island, reaffirming our commitment to building a brighter, cleaner future for British Columbians." – Leanne Buhler, Head of Evolve E-Bike and E-Scooter Share at BCAA.

Great cycle routes around Courtenay and Comox

In the Comox Valley, pedal through Courtenay's cultural hub or soak in the serenity of Comox Marina Park. Here's a map of local bike paths, routes and loops, and here’s a couple of great Comox Valley road trips you can take by e-bike:

Courtenay to Seal Bay

Start in Royston and ride through Seal Bay Regional Nature Park. This is a mostly smooth loop plus you’ll get a lovely ocean view along Seabank Road.
Distance: 42 km
Approx. time: 4-5 hours

Heritage / Rotary / Piercy Loop

This relaxed ride takes you along 5th Street to the Courtenay River. You’ll pass a number of tasty local eateries so plan your trip (and hunger) accordingly.
Distance: 11.4 km
Approx. time: 2-3 hours

Find more activities at Experience Comox Valley’s website.

Roll with us everywhere

BCAA is expanding micro-mobility to more places that need it, to better connect the province and further serve the mobility needs of people in BC. To learn more about our e-bike services, visit For more on how E-Bike Share is reducing our impact on the environment, check out Let's all take a ride towards a greener future.