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HUB Cycling & BCAA: A Partnership in Motion

It takes a community to get more people cycling more often, and BCAA is delighted to partner with the non-profit organization, HUB Cycling, to make that happen.

HUB Cycling is leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone. The charitable non-profit has spent over two decades removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver while cultivating the health, environmental, and economic benefits that active transportation can bring. HUB Cycling has educated thousands of people and encouraged thousands more to try cycling.

Getting to know HUB Cycling

HUB Cycling knows that cycling makes communities healthier, happier and more connected. It is the fastest-growing mode of transportation in BC, and for good reason: cycling provides physical and mental health benefits, reduces air pollution, saves money, takes up less space than other forms of transportation and is a joyful way to get around. By 2030, HUB Cycling has a simple yet ambitious vision to see more people in British Columbia choosing cycling as their preferred mode of travel and recreation.

a family of cyclists

Since 2017, HUB Cycling’s #UnGapTheMap campaign has helped fix over 122 critical gaps in the cycling network across Metro Vancouver to help build a more connected and safe bike network. They are the leaders behind the popular semi-annual Go by Bike Week event (formerly known as Bike to Work Week) that has encouraged over 130,000 people to cycle their daily commute since 2007. HUB Cycling is also on its way to achieving universal cycling education for students across British Columbia. Their Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 Program took elementary school cycling education from zero to almost 8,000 students just this past year.

Working together to support communities

BCAA has been a longtime supporter of HUB Cycling. In 2010 BCAA enrolled HUB Cycling to run a workplace cycling workshop for Team Members and in 2019, BCAA became a HUB Cycling organizational member and provided funding to help shape the success of HUB Cycling’s annual Bike to School Week event.

Now, with the important role micro mobility is playing in our communities, HUB and BCAA saw a new opportunity to evolve the partnership again and work together to educate British Columbians on how to use new mobility solutions safely. As part of our 2022 partnership, BCAA is supporting HUB Cycling’s e-bike safety webinars and education.

Over 40% of people want to cycle in Metro Vancouver but currently don’t, and for many of them, it’s because they are scared of unsafe route conditions or may lack the physical ability to cycle a traditional pedal-powered bike around hilly areas in Metro Vancouver. E-bikes help make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and they are a lot of fun too," says Erin O’Melinn, HUB Cycling’s Executive Director.

BCAA is also supporting HUB Cycling’s Newcomer Bike Mentorship Program. In collaboration with the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC), the Newcomer Bike Mentorship Program matches recent immigrants and refugees with local volunteer “mentors” for companionship and cultural orientation to Metro Vancouver’s active transportation lifestyle. Since the program’s formation in 2018, 76 volunteer mentors have educated over 100 newcomers on safe cycling practices in Metro Vancouver. BCAA is proud to supply funding for refurbished bikes that program participants, like Ulyana, can keep after the program has concluded.

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How to get involved with HUB

If you’re an enthusiastic cycling advocate, you can become a lifetime HUB Cycling member for only $10 by signing up at HUB Cycling also has 10 volunteer Local Committees across Metro Vancouver where members meet monthly to discuss how to make cycling safer and better in their communities. No experience is required to join! To learn more, visit

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