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Where Do Expired Car Seats Go?

How BCAA’s child car seat pop-up recycling events divert thousands of car seats from landfills.

Colleen Blundell
Senior Educator, Child Passenger Safety

For decades, I’ve been traveling the province on behalf of BCAA, helping community professionals and caregivers learn how to correctly use child car seats. To keep kids safe on the road, it’s important to know how to install and use the seats the right way. But kids grow up and car seats expire. Because there are no curbside disposal options available, I’ve seen my fair share of old, broken and expired car seats laying around in garages and basements.

In spring 2023, BCAA partnered with Queensborough Landing Return-It to offer British Columbians a convenient and environmentally sustainable way to dispose of used, damaged or expired car seats at recycling drop-off events.

BCAA employees volunteering during a car seat recycling event

Over 2,000 child car seats were diverted from the landfill, giving a second life to these tough-torecycle materials. Plus, BCAA donated $5 for every child car seat collected, contributing over $10,000 to support four local non-profit organizations who provide programs and resources for children and families in BC communities.

It’s another way to keep kids safe by removing potentially dangerous car seats from circulation. Plus we’re doing our part for the environment by helping to recycle car seats that would have gone to the landfill. For me, it’s gratifying to see that after keeping kids safe on the road, the car seat materials will get a second life.

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