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Using Less Plastic

One small change brings us one big step closer to carbon neutrality.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest question that leads to change. When we explored how to reduce our use of plastics, we asked, “when do our Members need a new card?”

It turns out that our cards are pretty durable. So we switched from automatically sending Members a new Membership card every 3 years to an on-demand service where Members can simply request a new card if they need one.


BCAA is committed to being carbon neutral by 2030


Members still receive a brand new BCAA Membership card when they join. And more of our Members are choosing to either download a digital Membership card or access their card through the BCAA app.

This simple act of replacing cards only when our Members need one led to us using 2,000 kilograms less plastic in our 2023 fiscal year. We estimate that over five years, this initiative will save us around $430,000 — which we can reinvest into improving our services — and result in a reduction of over 10,000 kg of plastics. This in turn reduces our carbon emissions and brings us closer to carbon neutrality,

Our Impact Report

We’ve committed to tracking our progress in three pillars – People, Planet and Prosperity. These measures tell us when we’re on track, when we’re doing better than expected and where we need to course-correct. Take a look at how we’re doing so far.