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Stay informed of the latest guidelines & restrictions

To help you stay informed as pandemic-related restrictions in British Columbia continue to evolve, we’ve rounded up some helpful resources. Right now, we are restricted to essential travel only, which means that we need to stay within our regional zone, support local businesses, and not travel outside of our community.

For those hoping to explore BC at a later date or to get a better sense of what you can do in your community right now, you can find the most up-to-date details at the following sites:

  • Get the latest BC Government updates here.
  • Our friends at Destination BC are a great resource. Visit their Know Before You Go site for the most current information about travel restrictions, what's open in your local community, and more.
  • If you’re planning to get out into nature, get current information on the status of hiking and biking trails in your region. For now, stay local.
  • Many provincial parks are open for day-use activities, though some remain closed. You can find park-specific information at the BC Parks website – searchable alphabetically, or find them on a map here.
  • For camping hopefuls this summer, stay atop the latest info at the BC Parks Camping website, where you can find all your camping FAQs answered.
    • While now is not the time to leave your region, future camping reservations in BC’s provincial parks are available for BC residents only until July 8th and can be booked on the BC Parks website. Reservations can be made within a two-month window from the date of booking. There’s already high demand, but if you’re flexible, try checking back to see if you can snap up a cancellation or check for private campsite options through Camping & RV in BC.

What can I do right now?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the start of summer in your community. Here’re how you can spend your time now, but remember to stay local and adhere to the latest public health guidelines:

  • Support local industry and be a tourist in your own town. Check your local tourism website to get a sense of what’s open in your community now. It’s recommended that you check with the tourism businesses you are hoping to visit to get the latest on-the-ground information.
  • Eat delicious local food! Check out this take-out and outdoor dining guide for BC residents.
  • Why not use your time close-to-home to research destinations for future BC adventures. Just be sure to check cancellation and refund policies before you book.