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Don't Let Floods Rain on Your Parade

A rushing river can be great if you’re going rafting, but it can also be a hazard to your home if it rises too high and spills into a residential area.

Water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims, and a major concern for BC residents. There are a number of options for you to keep your home and belongings safe from this type of damage.

Before the Flood

Flood Coverage protects against water damage from overflowing rivers, heavy rainfall or melting snow. And approximately 90% of BC residents are eligible! Flood coverage works in conjunction with our Outdoor Drain and Surface Water Coverage, so you can make sure your home is protected from both floods and overflowing drains outside your home.

During the Flood

If the water starts rising, here are some steps you can take to keep your belongings safe and dry.

  1. Unplug Your Appliances
    Disconnect any electrical appliances and shut off the electricity in affected areas.
  2. Put Your Furniture up on Raised Blocks
    This will protect your furniture from water damage and can also save your carpets from rust stains and leaky upholstery dye. Also consider moving your valuable belongings to a higher floor or an attic.
  3. Seal Valuables in Plastic Containers
    Smaller valuables can be sealed in airtight bags or containers to keep water out. Keep some containers on hand so you can protect your photos, jewellery, and other precious items at the first sign of trouble.
  4. Test Your Sump Pumps
    These useful pumps are usually found in the basement, where they draw away excess water and keep it from rising into other areas of the home. Test them before the rainy season to make sure they won’t leave you hanging when you need them most.

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To be sure that your home is protected and to learn more about Outdoor Drain and Surface Water Coverage and Flood Coverage, speak to a BCAA Insurance Advisor. Everyone is welcome, plus BCAA Members save up to 20% on BCAA Home Insurance.